Looking For Easy Success?


There is no royal road to success and prosperity in life. There are certain ordeals everyone faces as we pass through life, and the people who succeed are those who have learned to overcome those trials. I know sometimes we wish life were easier than it is now, and we prayed we had it like others or had wealthy family members who can make our lives easier, but depending too little on yourself and more on other people has been seen to ruin the lives of most people starting out in life.

The people who succeed in life are men and women who learned early on to depend on themselves. By relying on your efforts, you learn firsthand some of the most valuable life lessons that no amount of inherited or easy money can ever give to you, and which no person can ever take from you.

The only money that does a person right is what he earns himself. “A ready-made fortune, like ready-made clothes, seldom fits the man who comes into possession.” Nothing makes a man more economical than living on his account. Haven’t you seen that the most extravagant youths in our society are those who have Parents, or “Uncles,” who give them money frequently? But let those same individuals have no sources for money except what they earn, and they will immediately see more reasons for saving than for spending.

In this life, you must find and make your way, and the discovery will determine whether you succeed or live in mediocrity. Don’t rely too much on friends and folks. Thousands have spent the prime of life in the vain hope of aid from those whom they called friends and family. Rely on the good name which is made by your exertions, and know that the way to success, riches, and happiness, are to a significant degree in your power if you have unshakeable determination, and a definite purpose in life.

You have what it takes! Live your greatest life!

P.S: Culled from my new ebook: Finding the way: The youth guide to purpose, success, and money.

To get a copy, indicate in the comment section below.

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