How to Get Satisfaction and Fun on Your Job

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I was standing around in an area that has a bus stop frequently used by workers from both the public and private sectors. And on that fateful day, all I heard from those workers who were going home after closing from work was complaint and lamentation about their jobs and their pay. Almost every one of them seemed miserable and dissatisfied with their job and the income they were getting from it.

This is the mindset of average people – to complain about their jobs and the satisfaction they get from it. No matter what you do, magnify to yourself the importance of your work. There are no small jobs only small workers. Most people fail to realize that when you do your job haphazardly or in a mean way, it doesn’t reflect the job, but it does reflect you.

The way you carry out your daily assignments or go about your business daily is a mirror reflecting the world the sort of an individual you are. “The character of an individual shines through his task.” Too many people are not giving their best on their jobs because they think the job is beneath them or the environment isn’t fun. Folks you can find satisfaction and fun on any job if you took it differently and changed your perception of the job.

Consider the birds and be wise. “A bird has to hustle hard in the same old way every day for food. But he sings as he begins and he twitters as he settles down to rest.” Give your Job the joy-cure. You must learn to sell your job to yourself, over and over again.

Still further you must relate it to the great plan of God for the world. You must see it as co-ordinated to a vast mechanism. Study a piece of very intricate machinery. You will find how very important a pin bolt can be to the whole operation. It cannot function fully until the smallest part is in working order. And you have been abusing your job! You have been giving it contempt, neglect, and limited action. Then you wonder what is wrong with the world!

Did you ever realize that God has organized life through man (you inclusive)? You have a pin bolt job? Ah, but the wheel of high finance cannot turn without you. All the processes of production wait on you. God planned a big place in life, and you only saw the size of the pin bolt. It is time you changed the way you view your job and your part in it. You are important!

Live your greatest life!

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