The Secret to Real Success? Get Right with God


Put away the illusion that any real success is possible except when working in harmony with Divine law and living by Divine grace. All effort contrary to the God’s will is worse than wasted. Most people foolishly expect to win out in life moving against the forces and laws that govern the universe! Don’t be deceived as no one did succeed that way.

Take a moment to think about this. If you fill your right pocket by emptying your left, are you making money? If you accumulate wealth by losing your soul, is that gain? If you acquire anything by fraud, or at the expense of health, or character, is that victory? If you gain prestige, fame, or fortune by the efforts of others without giving value received, is that success? No!

Every cheat is a failure. Every fraud is a loser. Every moral delinquent is bankrupt. Every dishonest dollar in a man’s pocket puts him a dollar in debt. Every hypocrite, whether in the social, economic, or religious world, is wasting his life and robbing humanity of the honest service he should render.

Folks if you want to enjoy real success in life, get right with God. If your business or job does not align with the Creator’s plan, if it tends to demoralize human beings, if you get your living by exploiting others’ weaknesses, putting temptations in their way for your own profit; if you are in a business which tends to put down others, there is no power in Heaven or earth that can make you happy, despite how much money you make.

You must align your life with the Golden Rule; you must measure your work with the divine plan, with the law of your nature, the laws of rectitude, justice, truth, mercy, or there is no happiness, no real success for you.

In other words, you cannot be what God intended you to be unless you take God into partnership, and God cannot be your partner in a bad business. Your business must be legitimate, helpful; it must be necessary; it must be something which instead of demoralizing will benefit others.

It is only when we cooperate with God that we are assured of growth, of true success, for “God being with us, who can be against us. When you have Him as a partner you are in partnership with justice, with truth, with the Golden Rule, and how can you fail in such a partnership?

Live your greatest life!

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