How to Deal with a Challenging Life

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Most of us think of the wonderful things we would do if we could only get rid of the worries, the annoyances, the disturbances that prick us day by day, as well as the things that defeat our ambitions – the failures, the disappointments, the heartbreaks, the blunders, the setbacks that continually tend to befall us and discourage us.

Yet the real test of our strength is whether we will fulfil our purposes; carry out our life plan and become successful in spite of all the things that are apparently trying to hold us down, or, whether we will allow ourselves to be overcome by the hindrances that slow the steps of everyone going after their dreams.

For how long will you whine and carry a long, sad face giving the world the impression that your life has been full of disappointments? For how long will you keep telling your woe stories, that you haven’t achieved your goals because of the setbacks that you have experienced this year?

For how long are you going to let your troubles and trials, challenges and annoyances which happen to every career and everyone, keep you down? For how long will you keep allowing disappointments and failures to worry and devitalize you that you cannot do the biggest thing possible to you? Are you going to be a victim of your troubles and trials in spite of your divine possibilities?

Folks challenges and adversities happen to every life. But if you would make the most of your life, especially in the coming year, you must learn to accept the inevitable no matter how bad and disagreeable, painful or distressing they seem. And to do so requires certain grace and strength that comes from knowing He who dwells within you.

I found this inspirational story about the great Ralph Waldo Emerson that depicts clearly how to deal with adversity when they come;

 “While Emerson’s library was burning at his home in Concord, his friend, Louisa M. Alcott, rushed over to him to express her sympathy for the loss of his most cherished possessions-his books. She found him serene and poised, watching the flames devouring his priceless volumes, many of them autographed copies from the world’s greatest writers. Although he must have felt his loss keenly, he was as calm as if he was sitting in his library reading. He could even find something to admire in the flames.

 “Never mind, Louisa,” said he to his sympathetic friend; “see what a beautiful blaze it makes. We’ll enjoy that now.”

This is exactly where we should be if we want to rise again from our setbacks – The ability to remain steadfast in faith and serenity no matter how violent the jolts we receive.

Live your greatest life!

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