This Year Will Become What You Make of It

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Today it has become so natural for us to blame our mistakes and failures, ill health, unfavourable circumstances and conditions, our unhappiness and our disappointments in all the walks of life on “fate!” How prone we are to attribute our ills and failures to some external factor or cause, when the real cause lies within ourselves!

This is simply because we have become so used to thinking that the causes which control and shape our lives are external and such as can be measured by the physical senses. We have become so used to considering everything from a material standpoint—perceiving only that which can be weighed in the balance of human intelligence or measured with scales and metre rule that we have actually grown into the belief that the things which govern our lives and control our destiny are external.

We have been conditioned to live a material life, and have become grossly in materialism, that we have lost sight almost entirely of the higher, spiritual and more potential forces by and through which our lives and our destinies are controlled.

In this new year, too many people still believe in fate and horoscopes. They believe that what will be, will be and they don’t have control over how the year will turn out to be. Folks from my standpoint, there is no such thing as “fate” and nothing ever “happens.” Scientists, psychologists, and even the Bible show that to a greater extent, the cause of whatever comes to any person lies within the person.

God is the supreme wellspring of all power—all originates with Him, and all flows from Him, but in the physical manifestation or expression of the life of man, all force, and power comes from within him, and to our failure to recognize this great central truth and act upon it, can be attributed all the failures, sickness, misery and unhappiness that we experience in our lives.

The Bible says, as a man thinks in his heart, so he becomes. Another verse tells us to guard our hearts (thoughts) carefully because from there proceeds all the issues of life. Why is this so?

The fact is every action we take is preceded by a thought. There is that tendency of our thoughts to express themselves in our actions. When we realize this great truth that everything exists first in the mental before it is manifested in the physical—that our physical being and our lives are but the outward expression of that which is within—that the material is but the expression of the spiritual.

When we discern the transcendent truth that the unseen is more real than the seen—that spiritual force transcends material force, then, in the degree that we come into an understanding and realization of these fundamental and transcendent truths, shall we see and understand how, and why it is, that the outward expression of life is but the manifestation of that which is within.

If you don’t like the results you are having or the direction your life is taking, don’t blame the external; your spouse, neighbours, boss, children, government, etc. The real change power lies within you. This year will become what you make of it, in the manner you THINK, PLAN and ACT.

Live your greatest life!

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