Have You Never Seen God?

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As a little boy growing up, I used to wonder and imagined a lot about if I will ever see God. In all the stories I was told in Sunday school and the books I read described God in His glory and magnificence.

I felt chill cold each time I attended crusades with older people and see people fall under the anointing, and I thought about how powerful God was throwing people around at the mention of his name.

I thought then that God was only found in some churches, in assemblies where the preachers are holy and can perform miracles…I thought people like me could never see God as he reveals himself only to special and holy people, not to boys like me who tell lies, disobey parents, wear dirty clothes etc sometimes.

As an adult today, I still see people think the way I thought as a little boy. I hear people talk about how God is in some churches and not in others. And how miracles represent the presence of God and so on.

Still today, people only see God in the unusual. “If we could see miracles,” they say, “we would believe.” But the ordinary things and churches are likewise full of God. “Moses saw God in one bush that burned and was not consumed. Yet God is as really in every bush in the woods for those who have eyes to see as he was in a special way in that little acacia at Horeb.”

Many of us still think of God as only burning majesty, shining glory, flaming fires, and splendor. Yet all those things are not God. When Philip asked to see God, Jesus said anyone who has seen him has seen God.

Like Philip the disciple, you too have seen God a thousand times in love, in peace, in goodness, in comfort. You see him daily in providential care, in the sweet things of your home, in friendships, in the beauty of little children.

You have seen God many times through the blessings you have received all your life. You see God every day, every hour of your life, in the goodness and mercy that has followed you from your infancy.

Think about the times you were in danger and there came a mysterious protection which sheltered you from harm. You had a great sorrow which you thought you could not possibly endure, and there came into your heart a strange, sweet comfort. You thought a friend brought it, but God sent the friend.

All your life you have been seeing God…yet you question it and search for God in the unusual.

Live your greatest life!

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