Still Contemplating Going After Your Goals? Here is What You Need to Start

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So many businesses, dreams, aspirations that could have changed the world have not seen the light of the day due to a lack of courage. Every waking day sends people into obscurity who could have been famous had they had the courage to put some efforts on their dreams and goals.

Folks to do anything meaningful in this world, you must not stand back, and muse about the things that can go wrong in your ideas, or wait for the perfect chances of big opportunities before you venture out. The Bible says, that “Whoever keeps staring at the wind won’t sow; whoever daydreams won’t reap.”

Too many folks today spend so much time calculating and consulting with others until one day they find that they have lost all the time available. While it is good to think things through, it is dangerous to over think. For some others, the reason their dreams and goals are not being realized is that they are looking for the validation of others before they pursue those dreams and goals.

If you are one of those, consider these words by Orison Swett Marden; “Suppose Copernicus had waited to see whether his great discovery would be acceptable to the church; sup- pose Luther had kept silence because to speak was full of danger; suppose Columbus had allowed himself to be disheartened because the wisest men of his time declared there could be no new world beyond the sea. How changed would have been the course of history!

Suppose Peter had yielded to the threats of the Sanhedrin; suppose John had preferred apostasy to banishment; suppose Paul had trembled before Felix, instead of Felix trembling before Paul. Or what if Noah had been laughed out of his belief in the coming deluge, and David had fled before the giant, and Moses had chosen to be the son of Pharaoh’s daughter rather than the liberator of his race? How not only would the stream of history have been changed, but what a loss it would have been to the dignity of man.”

It takes courage to live your greatest life!

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