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Still Contemplating Going After Your Goals? Here is What You Need to Start

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So many businesses, dreams, aspirations that could have changed the world have not seen the light of the day due to a lack of courage. Every waking day sends people into obscurity who could have been famous had they had the courage to put some efforts on their dreams and goals.

Folks to do anything meaningful in this world, you must not stand back, and muse about the things that can go wrong in your ideas, or wait for the perfect chances of big opportunities before you venture out. The Bible says, that “Whoever keeps staring at the wind won’t sow; whoever daydreams won’t reap.”

Too many folks today spend so much time calculating and consulting with others until one day they find that they have lost all the time available. While it is good to think things through, it is dangerous to over think. For some others, the reason their dreams and goals are not being realized is that they are looking for the validation of others before they pursue those dreams and goals. Continue reading Still Contemplating Going After Your Goals? Here is What You Need to Start

Don’t Quit 5 Seconds To Your Miracle

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Contrary to the beliefs of a lot of folks, it isn’t their lack of money, lack of skills, hard luck, or lack of connections that is responsible for their mediocre results. Rather it is simply a lack of persistence. Too many people give too soon.

Persistence is a very important quality we must possess if we are to reach our destined heights in life. There are several scriptures of the Bible that stress the importance of persistence in the work of God. One of such is 1 Corinthians 15: 58: “Therefore, my dear brothers and sisters, stand firm. Let nothing move you. Always give yourselves fully to the work of the Lord, because you know that your labour in the Lord is not in vain.”

Folks as with your Christian work so it is it life. Achieving anything great in life requires persistent effort and constancy of purpose. Staying at something long after the excitement of the moment is gone. Persistence always gives confidence. Everybody believes in the person who persists. They may meet misfortunes, sorrows, and reverses, but everybody believes that they will ultimately triumph because they know there is no keeping such individuals down. Continue reading Don’t Quit 5 Seconds To Your Miracle

Never Let Mistakes Define Who You Are


We all experience setbacks, mistakes and road blocks in life, whether it is in our relationship, businesses, jobs, education or whatever else. But for some reasons, some of us tend to take these negative experiences personally. We carry our past mistakes and failures around like an infected wound.

There’s never a person alive who doesn’t make mistakes or who haven’t failed at some point in their lives. But the truly successful people have been able to let go and learn from their mistakes. And that is what you must do too.

Folks don’t let that past failure, that error in judgement, that marital or relationship infidelity, that sour deal, that loss of money, that loss of friendship, that loss of job, that business failure, that loan denial, that accident define who you are. Learn from it and move on! Continue reading Never Let Mistakes Define Who You Are

The Danger in Helping Too Much

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Blessings can sometimes turn to a curse in one’s life. Even kindness may be overdone. One may be too gentle. Love may hold others back from their purpose and wreck their destinies. There are times when in the process loving others we meddle with God’s discipline for them.

Of course, we are to be helpful to others. No aim should be put higher in our life-plans than that of personal helpfulness. The motto of the true Christian cannot be other than that of the Master: “Not to be ministered unto, but to minister.”

Even in the ambition to gather and retain wealth, the spirit of the desire must be, if we are Christians at all, that thereby we may become more helpful to others; that through, or by means of, our wealth, we may be enabled to do larger and greater good. Whatever gift, power, or possession we have that we do not seek to use in this way is not yet truly devoted to God.

There are many ways to help others, yet too often most people think if you are not giving material things out, you are not helping, yet the truest and best help anyone can give to others is not in material things, but in ways that make them stronger and better. Money is good alms when money is really needed, but in comparison with the divine gifts of hope, friendship, courage, sympathy, and love, it is paltry and poor. Continue reading The Danger in Helping Too Much

Have You Never Seen God?

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As a little boy growing up, I used to wonder and imagined a lot about if I will ever see God. In all the stories I was told in Sunday school and the books I read described God in His glory and magnificence.

I felt chill cold each time I attended crusades with older people and see people fall under the anointing, and I thought about how powerful God was throwing people around at the mention of his name.

I thought then that God was only found in some churches, in assemblies where the preachers are holy and can perform miracles…I thought people like me could never see God as he reveals himself only to special and holy people, not to boys like me who tell lies, disobey parents, wear dirty clothes etc sometimes.

As an adult today, I still see people think the way I thought as a little boy. I hear people talk about how God is in some churches and not in others. And how miracles represent the presence of God and so on. Continue reading Have You Never Seen God?

How to Deal with a Challenging Life

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Most of us think of the wonderful things we would do if we could only get rid of the worries, the annoyances, the disturbances that prick us day by day, as well as the things that defeat our ambitions – the failures, the disappointments, the heartbreaks, the blunders, the setbacks that continually tend to befall us and discourage us.

Yet the real test of our strength is whether we will fulfil our purposes; carry out our life plan and become successful in spite of all the things that are apparently trying to hold us down, or, whether we will allow ourselves to be overcome by the hindrances that slow the steps of everyone going after their dreams.

For how long will you whine and carry a long, sad face giving the world the impression that your life has been full of disappointments? For how long will you keep telling your woe stories, that you haven’t achieved your goals because of the setbacks that you have experienced this year?

For how long are you going to let your troubles and trials, challenges and annoyances which happen to every career and everyone, keep you down? For how long will you keep allowing disappointments and failures to worry and devitalize you that you cannot do the biggest thing possible to you? Are you going to be a victim of your troubles and trials in spite of your divine possibilities? Continue reading How to Deal with a Challenging Life

Allowing God Isn’t Weakness

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It is always natural for us to hold on to our grieves, our troubles, our convictions and so on, wanting to deal with them ourselves, instead of giving them up to God and allowing him stir our lives in the direction he deems right and perfect for us.

The fact is, when we are willing to give up our frightened and uncertain sense of things and let the God govern and direct us, then we discover that “all things work together for the good of them that love God.”

When we are willing to relinquish our present views, even though we may believe we are right and others are wrong, we will find that God is ready and active to adjust everything in our favour.

It may sometimes seem hard when we feel that we are oppressed or imposed upon, to stop resisting, but if we have strong faith in the ability of God to adjust all things to our good, we should be glad of the opportunity to relinquish our claims and place our trust in the power of God to adjust all things to our good according to His word.

Perhaps you may have been wrongfully treated and you think it is right for you react and not let go and let God, yet after reading this, you are thinking; what then are we to do when we find ourselves involved in a controversy, in a dispute, or in an unpleasant situation of any kind? What are we to do when we have been attacked and maligned, misrepresented or abused? Should we not return in kind what has been done to us?

It is my belief that it will not avail us any good if we fight back when we are being mistreated. We simply show our human weakness when we take the matter into our own hands and attempt either to punish our enemies or to extricate ourselves through any virtue of our own.

In the Sermon on the Mount, that wonderful message which he left for the guidance of all humanity, Jesus said, “But I say unto you, That ye resist not evil: but whosoever shall smite thee on thy right cheek, turn to him the other also.”  In other words, is it not better to be smitten twice than to fight back? He further adds, “If any man will sue thee at the law, and take away thy coat, let him have thy cloak also.” Even if we are unjustly deprived of what rightfully belongs to us, is it not better to suffer a second invasion than to fight back?

How To Tell Whether Your Decision IS Right Or Wrong

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Every day in life, we have to make choices, from what to eat, what to wear, where to go, what movie to watch and so on. But sometimes, the choices we have to make are not as easy or as simple as choosing the flavour of ice cream to have, or where to have lunch.

Someone had sent me an email after watching my video where I talked on this subject matter, and on the email she asked; “When there seem to be two ways of working out a problem in business or in any of the various walks of life, and we decide on a way which seems best, how can we tell, when there are so many arguments against that way, whether the decision is right or wrong?”

And here was my response to that email:

There are times when human wisdom is inadequate to tell us just what is the right thing to be done. Under such circumstances there is nothing for us to do but to choose that which seems to agree with our highest sense of right, knowing that God’s word regulate and governs all things; and even if we choose the wrong way, we as Christians know through God’s word and His Spirit in us, that God will not all us to continue in a mistake, but will show us the right way and compel us to walk therein. Continue reading How To Tell Whether Your Decision IS Right Or Wrong

21 Thoughts to Guide Your Daily Walk With God

Many of us Christians are constantly searing for inspiration, principles and thoughts to help us live better, work better and relate better with others. Here are a few inspirational thoughts to help us in our daily walk.

These thoughts are not entirely mine, but gotten from the speeches and letters of Christian men and women who have lived their talk.

  1. God has promised to satisfy—but He did not promise when. God has time enough, and so have you. God has boundless resources, and His resources are yours. Can you not trust him? Trust and wait. He knows what is best for you. He has reasons for denying you now, but in the end He will satisfy.
  2. Life is what we are alive to. It is not length, but breadth. To be alive only to appetite, pleasure, pride, money-making, and not to goodness and kindness, purity and love, history, poetry, music, flowers, stars, God and eternal hopes, it is to be all but dead.
  3. There is no better way to show our trust than to busy ourselves with the things He asks us to do. Trusting Him to take care of his share leaves us, “at leisure from ourselves ” to do our share of the ” Father’s business.”
  4. Do not let the good things of life rob you of the best things.
  5. Mystery is God’s allurement along the path of knowledge; it is his challenge to a human soul.
  6. Decide what it is your duty to do, do it, and never regret anything that comes in its train.
  7. “If thou faint in the day of adversity, thy strength is small,”—too small to be worth talking about, for the day of adversity is its first real opportunity.
  8. “Try it any way ” is a good motto. There is a chance that you might succeed. Even if you do not, you will be no worse off than before. Faint-hearted refusal is the worst kind of failure.
  9. No lot in life is small enough to stunt a soul. Lowly circumstances are no bar to high thoughts.
  10. Take care that your profession does not outrun your possession. Artificiality and hypocrisy tear character to shreds eventually.
  11. If you do fall, if you are overcome, He is faithful and just to forgive, and to cleanse every day from all unrighteousness.
  12. The man who never makes any mistakes never makes anything. Many chips, broken instruments, cuts and bruises, belong to the history of any beautiful statue. Persist in spite of everything.
  13. Prayer is a breath of fresh air—much else, of course, but certainly this. It is inspiration on a hill-top for new toiling on the plain.
  14. When I want to speak let me think first, Is it true? Is it kind? Is it necessary? If not, let it be left unsaid.
  15. How can we redeem society if we do not everywhere put ourselves on the constructive side of moral questions? If all people did as we do in politics, amusements, temperance, Sabbath observance, would the day be won for God or lost?
  16. Look out for choices. They run into habit, character, and destiny.
  17. We are like children learning to walk. We fall again and again. Sometimes we cry out; sometimes we look up and try to smile; but we do get up again and try to go on.
  18. Size is not strength. Reputation is not character. Outward success is not God’s gauge.
  19. God holds you responsible for your nature plus your nurture, for yourself plus your possibilities.
  20. What have you done today that nobody but a Christian would do?
  21. Live with the light of God’s love shining into your common day. Take old gifts and joys continued as though they were fresh gifts. So we can sing a new song unto the Lord every day.

I hope these thoughts inspire you to live right and apply God’s principles in all you do. if you are interested in learning more about how to apply Biblical principles in your business/career, or if you are faced with difficulty or adversity, and will like to discover hot to overcome them to achieve success in any area of your life. Feel free to contact me or connect with me on Facebook. I will be glad to help you live your greatest life…God’s way.

Live your greatest life!