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Focus on The Future, Not The Past

So many of us are worried about our present situations, about our present jobs, or education level. Maybe we are behind our peers or siblings in terms of achievement. We look at our lives and wished we had a richer parentage, a better education, or better opportunities in the past.

The truth is, no matter how terrible or bleak or present condition is, there is hope for you, as Oliver Wendell Holmes ones stated’ “The great thing in this world is not so much where we are but in what direction we are moving.” You may not be able to do anything about your past, but you can change your future. Your past maybe dark, but your future is colourful and bright. All you need is a dream, and a desire to pursue your dream.

You can pursue your dream no matter where you are today. The world is filled with inspiring tales of men and women, who pursued their dreams and changed their lives in spite of their heavy physical health challenges, lack of financial resources, or poor education. You see no matter what you are going through now Continue reading Focus on The Future, Not The Past


“Success is easier than failure.” “Winning is better than losing”.But everyone has the option to live on whatever layer of life’s pyramid they choose. You have to choose to stay down or climb to the top. At the top the view is better, and the crowd is smaller. But it’s easier to settle for the lower levels, because to some people they just want to get in step with their peers, some just don’t know how to succeed, they want to be accepted. They choose to follow the follower, conforming to one another. Belonging is all that is important to these people.

But this is the trap that gets practically everybody, and most people end their lives in it. They live their lives playing to the crowd, especially the wrong one, trying to be one of the boys. The most important thing to them is to be liked they have no identity of their own. But successful people, true winners they don’t conform, they follow independent paths, they know that paths are made by people walking on them, so they create their own paths. They break away from the crowd, and rather join a smaller crowd. They don’t watch the television all day long, they use their time constructively.

You see It’s easier to win, and it’s never too late for you. If you want to be a winner, all you need is a dream, a worthy goal and a motivation to reach the upper layers of life’s pyramid. Your dream doesn’t have to be glamorous to start, it just has to be a dream because whatever gets into your mind stays there and will always show up in your life, but when you see nothing, dream nothing, you will expect and get nothing. “Surround yourself with what could be and not what is.” Continue reading YOU CAN WIN!