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How to Have a Great Life Despite Your Setbacks

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Do you find yourself in a situation where you are asking God why me?

Maybe you have lost your job, lost your marriage, desperately in need of cash, badly hurt from a failed relationship, your health is failing, or you seem to be going from one adversity to the other with no hope of a breakthrough.

Is that the case with you? Then it is you I am writing this message for.

You see in life adversity, setbacks, challenges, negative situations, can occur, and they do occur to everyone often without any advance warning, despite your preparation, careful planning, your faith and closeness to God.

If you are in that position, the question you will be asking is how do I come out of this situation? What do I do to get my life back on track? Can I still find love, get rich, become happy, get a job, rebuild my business, get my family back, regain my health…in spite of all what I have gone/going through? Continue reading How to Have a Great Life Despite Your Setbacks

How to Succeed In Spite of Discouragements

In life all sorts of things happen to us; adversity, setbacks, and challenges hit us on all sides as we pursue our dreams.

Folks we can allow ourselves to be overwhelmed by discouragements when we are hit by these adversities, or we can decide to rise above them, but we just have to decide.

It is natural for us to think of all the wonderful things we would do if we could get rid of things that block our way and defeat our successes. If we didn’t have to struggle with disappointments, with heartaches, with trials and troubles of all sorts.

But in spite of all those wishes, the real test of our greatness and character is whether or not we will fulfil our ambitions and desires to the letter, whether we will execute our plans regardless of the things that are presently trying to pull us down.

Never be discouraged when things don’t work out for you the way you plan them. instead develop the courage to press on until you succeed. Continue reading How to Succeed In Spite of Discouragements

Daily Wisdom

The tough times, disappointments, setbacks, failures, sickness, lack of money, or whatever negative situation you are in presently, are not in your life to break you but to make you. While adversity and tough times may destroy your business and other source of income, it helps develop your character.

The best times for growth are in the periods of adversity. Most people will rather be in a comfort zone than experience any form if discomfort in their lives, and that is why they don’t really grow. Never let that be the case with you. Do not crave to be comfortable for too long, be willing to move through the wilderness into your Canaan.

And don’t forget that “if God, puts or permits anything hard in our lives, the real peril, the real trouble, is what we shall lose if we flinch or rebel against His will.”

Daily Wisdom

“For this light momentary affliction is preparing for us an eternal weight of glory beyond all comparison,” 2 Corinthians 4:17

All your negative life situations and challenges are essential for you to fulfill your destiny, but unless you possess the power of endurance to live through the dark of the night, you will never see the break of the day, nor access the success and beautiful life uou desire.

There is a great reward waiting ahead for you, but this reward has a price you must pay; you must learn to endure the present with its setbacks, challenges, failures, misunderstanding etc. This is the true path to success.

Your Greatness Will Be Revealed In The End

There was a story told of a preacher who met a child carrying a basket that was well covered. He asked the child, “what are you carrying in that basket little child?” The child answered, “Sir, if my mum had wanted anyone to know what the contents of my basket were, she wouldn’t have covered it up.”

Folks most of us want God’s plans for our lives to manifest quickly. We complain about the challenges and trials we face daily in the pursuit of success and daily living. Like that child’s response, I want you to also know that if God has meant for us to know all his loving plans for us, He wouldn’t have covered them up with the experiences of pain, trials, challenges, sickness, or failure etc.

But no matter what you are going through remember that for all the challenges, Continue reading Your Greatness Will Be Revealed In The End

What’s Good About My Life?

Photo Credit: flickr.comI read a story of how one of the great diamond fields of South Africa was discovered; according to the story, one day a tourist entered one of the villages in rural South Africa, and stopped by a little hut to watch a village boy amuse himself by throwing stones in the air. And in the process one of the stones fell at  the tourist’s feet; and he picked it up, and was about to return it to the boy when he saw a flash of light from the stone which caught his attention, and upon closer examination he discovered that the stone was a diamond.

The boy had no clue of the value of the stones he was throwing. To him they were simply objects he could play with. But to the informed tourist, it was a gem of great value hidden in rough coverings.

Just like the boy in the story, most of us don’t realize how much value we have inside us. We look at our lives and think we don’t matter much; we have not talents and skills that are marketable; we have no reason to want to aspire to become great. Continue reading What’s Good About My Life?

No Challenges, No Glory

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The economy, dollar exchange rates, fuel scarcity, Epileptic power supply have all become our national chorus as a people.

I didn’t grow up meeting a time when the economy had been stable, where we’ve had steady power supply, or where the naira had ever been at par with the dollar. All through my life, things hadn’t ever worked properly in Nigeria. And if you are a young person also, you will agree with me too.

It then amazes me why we often use these factors as excuses why we are not achieving results. I feel the brunt of all these too, but my focus is never on what is not working, but on how to make the best of every situation.

For those of you who know my story, I have shared many times the challenges I had to go through growing up, from moving from living in luxury to experiencing extreme poverty where one couldn’t afford 3 square meals. I remember a certain Easter where we had to eat beans because that was the only food we had since my parents couldn’t afford to buy rice at the time. Continue reading No Challenges, No Glory

Look Inside That Obstacle For Opportunity

look inside that adversity is an opportunityAre you faced with an obstacle or challenge and you are confused on what to do or what decision to make and so your life is completely enveloped in discouragement, disappointment and the failure or your plans?

Friends, obstacles and challenges are part of life, as everyone no matter how highly spiritual or full of faith can have a life without difficulties and challenges of some sort. But the good news is that they are never permanent however hurting or destructive they may seem.

Unfortunately so many people have been held back because of the obstacles on their paths. Are you one of those? What is holding you back? Is it the physical? – your size, age, height, distance, disability, money. Or is it mental? – Fear, uncertainty, inexperience, prejudice, education. Or is it spiritual? – Bewitchment, Devil, evil manipulations etc.

Perhaps people don’t take you seriously, or you think you are too old or too young ,or you lack support and resources, or the laws and regulations restrict your options, or obligations and responsibilities, or your false goals and self doubts. Continue reading Look Inside That Obstacle For Opportunity

You Don’t Have Any Friends Until You Are Faced With Difficulty Yet

Photo Credit: flickr.com
Photo Credit: flickr.com

Back in the day one Nigerian musician sang, “when the going is smooth and good, many, many people will be your friends…they will call you many names, they will say they love you, they will say they need you, they will say you are great and so on and so forth.” Agreeing with the old saying that success has many friends.

I bet there are many of you who at some point or the other experienced having many friends when the going was good for you. People don’t often appreciate adversity, most people never believe that everything that happens to us no matter how bad it may appear has some good embedded in it. And one of the good things about adversity or setbacks is that it reveals to us who our true friends are.

Many of us will realize when we are hit by some sudden misfortune that those people we called friends when we were doing so good were actually acquaintances who our successes, jobs or businesses attracted to us as you will indeed be very lucky if you still have a handful of real friends during those periods. If you want to know who your true friends are during challenging periods, ask them for help. Continue reading You Don’t Have Any Friends Until You Are Faced With Difficulty Yet