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We all want to have good relationships in our lives; we want friendships that matter, we want family life that is fulfilling, wonderful and exciting. To achieve this we need the right people in our lives.
Here are four specific reasons why we need the right people:
1- We need the right people because the right people connect us to life. They connect us to the power and energy of human living, they connect us to the positive live energy of other people. So we need relationships, we need friendships that are mutually beneficial. There is no easier or more effective way to fill the gap between where you are and where we want to be than having the right people on our side.

2- The right people fulfil the needs of our hearts. We all know what it is like to feel empty, to go through the motions of life and not have a true friend or a soul mate, so the right people when found will create fulfilment of the heart, and eliminate of the loneliness we fee inside, and the connect us on a deeper level.

3- The right people expand who we are; they expand who we can become. Take a look at your life right now, and ask yourself if as a result the relationships you have, you have grown mentally, spiritually, and economically. What new things have you learnt? How have you changed? This will help you determine if you need more of that.

4- The people in our lives can help us attain our God given purpose. This is such a vital element of life because God has a purpose for everyone. You need to be around people who will be proud of your faith in God, and what God wants us to be. Remember you are so vital to God.
The people around you dictate your success. They can also forecast your failure.