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What Does Failure Mean To You?

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For some time now, I have been wearing a new hat; teaching kids in children Sunday School in my church. But honestly, I have been the pupil while the children have been teaching me.

I have some of the smartest kids I have met in my class. But like most children I know, the students don’t like failure. They enjoy winning, but never can stand being told they didn’t make the cut.

I was like them too when I was growing up, and seeing just how much such attitude have cost me in life, I try to always talk to them about the need to embrace failure, to understand that life is made up of a series of failures.

I have failed more times than most people I know. I failed three terms straight when I was in primary two. In fact one of an old classmate of mine met told someone who knew me recently that I was the dullest boy in our school then. I failed in secondary school; I couldn’t make my senior secondary school certificate examination in one sitting. And when I got into the university I capped it up by spending two extra years.

As a business man I have recorded many failures and losses. I have had failures in relationships. I have had failures in life, that made me wonder if I was cursed or being haunted by witches from my Village. Continue reading What Does Failure Mean To You?

Whose Permission Do You Need To thrive?

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It amazes how many people are not doing things based on the opinions of others. Too many of us are not pursuing our dreams because others have told us we couldn’t.
Often I have come to realize that these folks telling you you shouldn’t do this or that, because you can’t, or you are not qualified, are doing this based on fear, envy, their failure, and small size thinking.
If I asked for the opinion of others including my family, I won’t be married today, nor will I be doing what I am doing. Folks it’s not every one who loves you that mean well for you, not because they hate you, but because they don’t have your vision.
Everyone interprets life based on the size of their vision. if your vision is small, all you can see is the impossibilities; the many reasons, why can’t study a particular course, why you can’t get married, why you can’t start your own business, why you can’t leave a political party, why you can’t relocate etc.
You see, no one knows what is the best for you except God and you. Too many times I have seen people make the choice of marriage based on the thinking of their parents only to enter into it live in regret. I have seen people take up jobs they didn’t in because of what the society thinks. I have seen people run to drugs and alcohol to make them forget the mistake of the choices they made, based on the influences of others.

Continue reading Whose Permission Do You Need To thrive?

Podcast Episode 10: Having The Winning Attitude

Every day of our lives we are advertising ourselves, now the question for you is, are you a good advertisement of the winner you are trying to be, or you are making a bad job of it? Unfortunately most of us are making a bad job of it with poor negative attitudes.

When you meet someone for the first time, how do you know they are successful or struggling, since you don’t have access to their bank accounts and may not know their networth at the time of meeting them? Of course it is through their attitude; the way they walk, talk, behave.

Folks winning in life is a result of our attitudes and mindsets. All successful people have a certain mindset, while unsuccessful people also have a certain mindset. And just as it is easy for you to spot a winner in a crowd, so is it easy for people to figure out whether you are struggling or succeeding in life.

Do you desire success? Do you want to be a winner? Then you must develop the mindsets of winners. You must think like them, act like them and do what they do consistently if you must have the kind of results the have.

Most of us believe that success is more a result of our handwork and hardwork. But if that were really true, we won’t find that some of the most hardworking people on earth are the poorest, who labour day and night without gathering much.

In this inspiring episode, I share with you the mindsets successful people have, and how you too can develop them and be on your way to living the life of your dreams.

I encourage you to listen to it, again and again, feel free to download it and also share it with others. If it blesses you, kindly let me know your thoughts.

Live your greatest life!





You Have Been Called to Greatness

Each one of us is called to greatness. Greatness was the first charge given to you and I during creation; to be fruitful and multiply and fill the earth and subdue it, and have dominion… each one of us has the power within us.

Unfortunately most of us haven’t allowed our power to grow within us, because we don’t use it. Folks everything gets run down as a result of disuse. When a building isn’t occupied after a long period, it becomes dilapidated. When a car is parked un-driven uncared for, it becomes rusty.

Has your inner power gone rusty? Come on, you have what it takes to make significant impact on the world around you if you choose to. One of the biggest causes of limitation in life is a lack of belief in oneself. Its easy to find people hail others, look up to others, think highly about others, rever others, but themselves? They just can’t see themselves achieving anything significant yet they can they should.

Next time you find yourself envying the success of others, ask yourself why not me? That’s all it takes; why not me being in the movie? Why not me having a business? Why not me giving that speech? Why not me receiving the applause? Why not me employing others? Why not me giving to others? Ask yourself why not me and go for it. That all it takes!

You have what it takes! The best among us are not more gifted than the rest of us. They just get up and take little steps every day and move toward their dreams, and before you know it, they have arrived and we celebrate them. Folks all it takes is the resolve to take those little steps too. And one day you will wake up seeing your name in the lights!

Go for it folks. Go be fruitful and multiply and subdue the earth and have dominion around you!

What Do You Do When Things Get Tough?

What do you do when things get so tough? I guess this is the question most of us get to ask. Especially in my country right now, with things getting so tough by the day; so much uncertainty, increasing inflation and falling value of our Naira and so on.

I mean everyone is affected by these things, it reminds me of a telenovela back in the days titled “the rich also cry.” The past months have been challenging for me also, struggling to get my radio programme started, and not having the funds to bank roll it.

What do I do? Sometimes I almost quit. I mean in spite of all the positivity and books, I still find myself almost falling. But what keeps me going? I think about the reasons why I am on this path, I think about the people who support me daily; my wife who loves me dearly and I fight!

I keep fighting even though I am weak. I keep trying to take the steps forward even though they are small steps that may not be too far. There are days, like last when I can’t get myself to write any post or continue my other activities, with the bills piling up and I am being hard pressed on every side and just then I will get an email or a comment from someone about how much my work inspires them and all. Words like that may not be much, they may not put food on my table, but they fire me up hold on and keep pushing no matter what.

Other days like today, I look up to God and what He has spoken about my life and work and I am rest assured that He who has spoken it is faithful to complete it.

What do you do when things get tough? Kindly share your thoughts and comments below. Thank you!

Daily Wisdom: Learn to Focus

When you have chosen a good purpose and certain you have chosen well and wisely, focus on making it work. Bend your best energies to it. This is where a lot of us fail; we don’t focus long enough and work hard enough to make our dreams and goals come through. And as a result we are easily distracted from our calling by the many influences around.

In the pursuit of your life purpose daily, you will find people and situations seeking to compete for your time and thoughts. You must protect yourself against them. They are “dream stealers.” Lots of people have failed in making their dreams come true because of these distractions.

Make your resolutions so clear and firm that nothing can lure you from your chosen path of purpose and duty. Don’t sit around dreaming about your future, get up and start doing something about that future. Don’t sit around wishing for a better opportunity or life, get up and start achieving those things you desire.

Greatness is achieved through obsessive focus on your dreams/purpose.

Daily Wisdom

Why are we so quick to judge, condemn, criticize, or attack others? When it comes to other people, we often become so intolerable of their mistakes and failings, while we are so gentle and slow in judging ourselves.

How good it will be if we can reverse the situation, if we can learn to be quick and very critical in judging ourselves, and gentle and slow in judging and criticizing our neighbours. The late Dr. Wayne Dyer, once said, if you have a choice to be kind or be right when dealing with others, choose to be kind.

Try to show a little kindness today and see what difference it will make in the lives of others and you too. Become more tolerable, more forgiving and less critical of others around you. And remember this message from our Lord, “If thy hand offend thee, cut it off,” is a word for our sins; for the sins of others, “Father, forgive them.”

Daily Wisdom

The tough times, disappointments, setbacks, failures, sickness, lack of money, or whatever negative situation you are in presently, are not in your life to break you but to make you. While adversity and tough times may destroy your business and other source of income, it helps develop your character.

The best times for growth are in the periods of adversity. Most people will rather be in a comfort zone than experience any form if discomfort in their lives, and that is why they don’t really grow. Never let that be the case with you. Do not crave to be comfortable for too long, be willing to move through the wilderness into your Canaan.

And don’t forget that “if God, puts or permits anything hard in our lives, the real peril, the real trouble, is what we shall lose if we flinch or rebel against His will.”

Daily Wisdom

Jesus said, “Behold, I make all things new.” Be inspired by these words, it really doesn’t matter how ugly, dirty, or useless you think your life is. God is making all things brand new for you; giving you a fresh start.

Think about this; it doesn’t matter if you had a bad wife/husband, if your previous relationship was a disaster, if you lost your job or your business is going under, it doesn’t matter if the doctors have written your case off, God will make all things new for you.

God is not merely conserving: he is improving, developing, renovating, reconstructing you. People may have given up on you or your dreams, but hold on to these words, “Behold I make all things new.” There is nothing too great for you to undertake with God by your side, so don’t be afraid of going after your dreams.