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Wishing Won’t Make You a Champion

Photo Credit: flickr.com
Photo Credit: flickr.com

As a young boy growing up, I always wished to grow up to be like famous actors, wrestlers, presidents and just any celebrity making waves during those days. Today, I have come to realize that not only is it a thing for kids, adults also wish to become megastars also. I hear talk like I wish I can become like Beyonce, Oprah, Denzel Washington, or I wish I can become as wealthy as Gates, Dangote etc. Folks, all these megastar celebrities we see everyday in our screens or hear about, didn’t just get there by wishing, neither did they sleep one night poor and woke up the other, so wealthy and famous.

These champions, megastars, celebrities, got what they have, and are where they are because they have unique skills that most of us have failed to develop. They command far more than their far share of respect, opportunities, and income because they have developed their ordinary talents and gifts into extraordinary ones. They have become the best in the world at what they do. In their chosen vocations, they have climbed over that steep wall that separates those who try from those who succeed.

For some of us the walls that separate us from our dreams are human walls; our families, friends, associates Continue reading Wishing Won’t Make You a Champion