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Seek to Be and Not Just to Know

Photo Credit: flickr.com
Photo Credit: flickr.com

A wise man once said, “It is good to know; it is better to do; it is best to be.” All over the world we find many people who know a great deal of things, we also find many others who are doing that which they know, but only a few people have become that which they know and do.

The secret to a great life like Christ manifested is not in knowing, having or doing as the world has taught us, rather it is being, in what you become of yourself. It is not enough to talk about love and preach love, become the love so that through you others can experience love.

Don’t talk about kindness, honesty, holiness, leadership. Instead become kind; become honest; become holy; become the servant leader. The scripture says that we are the light of the world, and through us men shall see the light of God. This can only be achieved if we become all that we talk about most of the time.

Remember, the only one who can do most for others is he/she who has done most with himself/herself. Live your greatest life!

1 Key Trait You Need to Have For Success

There is something top performers, super achievers have that sets them apart from the crowd. And if you want to live your greatest life this year, and have your dreams come true; whatever those dreams are, then you need to develop that quality – which is the indestructible personality.

A person with the indestructible personality cannot be stopped, he will cont be crushed, and he is never denied. He has an unshakeable believe in his destiny, such that when bad things happen, when adversity strike, like it strikes in every life, he is not moved, but rather moves with unrelenting courage.

Do you have a dream? Then you need to have this trait in you. I was told of John Grisham, famous American Novelist, who at the time was a Baptist Sunday school teacher in Virginia, Mississippi. That when he wrote his first novel “A Time to Kill”, he sent it out to a publisher, and waited for the good news, only to be told by the publisher that it was unpublishable. His manuscript was rejected by 25 different publishers. It was the 26th publisher that agreed to publish it and today, he is a worldwide phenomenon.

Dr. Seuss, famous Children book Author’s fist work was rejected by 26 publishers, and it took the 27th one to publish his work. J.K. Rowling, Multi billionaire author, had her famous book “Harry Potter” rejected by 7 publishers, only for the 8th one, a relatively unknown publishing firm to give her a chance and she was told the book will not sell. This list goes on and on. Britney Spears was told she wasn’t going to make it her as a musician, she never allowed those rejection to stop her dream.

Folk if you want to achieve success this year, you have to become unstoppable. Don’t stop because you were turned down. Try some place else. Like those top achievers, if you want to make a difference  in life, you need to be indestructible. You need to let rejection roll off you. Continue reading 1 Key Trait You Need to Have For Success