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Learn To Wait

We live in a world that every day is lived in a rush, and everybody is in a hurry. In a hurry to be rich; in a hurry to get married; in a hurry “to be there” now. While we have to manage our time, it is important that we apply gentleness and patience with ourselves as we pursue our dreams, and not be too much in a hurry. Some of us want the results before we do the work. Due to this rush, some of us cannot enjoy our lives; we run through pleasures without enjoying them, in our hurry to get through everything too soon.

Folks all great people know how to wait. They understand that great results in life cannot be achieved at once. The secret of great success is to learn how to wait. An Eastern proverbs says; “Time and patience, change the mulberry leaf to satin.”

Patience is a virtue we must all have. Maybe you have done everything right, spoken to all the contacts you know, well all you have to do next is just wait…it may seem long but at the right time your break will come. You find in the Bible that, all the men and women who had great miracles had to wait…even when all hoped seemed lost. In the end their patience was rewarded. Every farmer knows too well that there is a planting time, a waiting time, and the time for harvest.

Kill Worry And Live Long

“People ask me daily, when they look at my face, without a wrinkle, what I do to keep so young. I tell them that whenever I have felt a wrinkle coming I have laughed it away. My advice to the woman who wants to remain young is: ‘Be happy — don’t worry, but walk.” – Patti

“Some people bear three kinds of trouble — all they ever had, all they have now, and all they expect to have.” — Edward Everett Hale.

“Work kills no one, but worry has killed multitudes… Worry not only saps vitality and wastes energy, but it also seriously affects the quality of one’s work. It cuts down ability. A man cannot get the highest quality of efficiency into his work when his mind is troubled. The mental faculties must have perfect freedom before they will give out their best. A troubled brain cannot think clearly, vigorously, and logically.” – Orison S. Marden

Some of us think it is our duty to worry. We feel we are not living if we have nothing to worry about in a day. It’s is important to cease to worry if you must live your greatest life. Let us then cease to worry. Let us stop the habit— if we have it— of telling everybody about our troubles. The most effective way to drive out our troubles, is to forget them; bury them; and not keep them alive by airing them continually.