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4 Practical Strategies to Succeed Despite The Circumstances

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Times are hard. Almost every country globally is experiencing one form of economic challenge or the other. If you are going through some tough moments, yet you really want to achieve success, here are 4 practical strategies you can use to achieve success in your business/work:

1. Have something to give to the world that is worth giving, that the world wants:

Your success depends not just on your efforts and hard work, but on how people appreciate those efforts. Because no matter how good your work/products/service may be, if it isn’t appreciated your results will be limited. You will be wasting so much time and energy only to benefit no one, not even yourself.

In order to be appreciated, your goal must be to not give the kind of service/products/work you think the world should want, but to give that which you are convinced they want. Remember by seeking to please others with your services, you in turn please yourself. Make what you give so valuable that people will want to buy/pay for your services/products without much effort and persuasion from you.

2. Be determined to serve the world better in your niche than it was ever served before:
Whatever it is you do, know that it can always be done better, and know that that better can be done by you.

The fact that others have failed, or others are not succeeding shouldn’t influence your mind or your conduct negatively. We are not held bound by the shortcomings or failure of others. Continue reading 4 Practical Strategies to Succeed Despite The Circumstances

Rise Above Your Setbacks

6076393459_f7433bf0db_bMany people look at me now and think I have always had an easy life. Some folks from the same poor community I am from think maybe I never knew suffering. But the reality is I have seen much more suffering that many people ever imagine. I wasn’t born with a silver spoon or with any spoon at all. The story of my life begins at my birth in a yam barn – imagine that!

As a kid I have been shoeless and shirtless like many village kids. Of course I have tasted the good life also growing up, but the part of my life that is laced with struggles and sufferings are more than that section that was filled with the good.

Stop giving in to your circumstances. Your challenges and circumstances don’t define you, it is how you choose to react or respond to them that determines where you end up in life. I attended village schools, I experienced delays in finishing both my secondary and university education, but I never let those delays held me back.
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Expect The Best

Photo Credit: reuters.com
Photo Credit: reuters.com
So many times we get from life and from others, exactly what we expect. You see, the way we see people, objects or situations affects the way we treat them, and the way we treat them affects the way they behave. So our spouses, partners, children, relatives, co-workers, employees, bosses, classmates etc treat us the way they do because we expect them to be so. – the “Pygmalion effect.”

According to Greek mythology; Pygmalion was a Cypriot sculptor who carved a woman out of ivory, and fell in love with his creation because it was fair and beautiful. One day after repeated sacrifices, prayers, and wishes that his creation could become a living being, the god Aphrodite gave life to the stature, granting his wish…This brought about the origin of Pygmalion effect. The Pygmalion effect rests on the concept that “what we see reflected on many objects, situations, or persons, is what we put there with our own expectation. We create images of how things should be, and if these images are believed, they become self fulfilling prophecies.”

Often, I hear people say “I plan for the best and prepare for the worst.” Folks, when you prepare for the worst, it means you actually expect the worst to come. The Bible says, “….and thine expectation shall not be cut off.” So we always get what we expect. You always find what you look for in life. If you go about looking for the negatives instead of the positives in your marriage, relationship, work, health, school etc, you will find loads of things to complain about.

If you expect every man or woman wanting to be in a relationship with you to be a cheat, or become abusive, you won’t be disappointed at all.
“You can take the most outstanding man or woman, husband or wife, boy or girl imaginable, criticize them to death, and manage to find some fault in them or you can take the average man or woman and start looking for the good qualities, and you will find them in abundance.” Life gives you what you look for.
You can take your marriage and relationships and find many good things you like and and you are grateful for, or a number of things you don’t like. “Seek and you shall find”. Also, you can take your job or your company and find many good things you like, or a number of things you hate. Life gives you what you look for.

Folks, “the more good or bad you find in yourself, your mate, your job, your kids, your country, your church or your future, the more good or bad there will be to find.

Always look for the gold in everything. Expect the best from yourself and others!