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Commitment Brings Luck

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2015 is about to end. For most of us, we are still far away from our goals…if we had any. You see I have discovered that a lot of people that claim to have goals don’t have any at all, they only have wishes but unfortunately wishes hardly get fulfilled in this life. The only thing that gets fulfilled is a dream/goal/vision that is backed by action.

When I interact with people, most of them wish and hope that next year will be better than this year. Guys next year won’t be better than this year if you keep doing what you are doing. The only way next year will be better for you is if you determine to make it so by taking deliberate steps to change your life.

Success in life demands constant push and efforts. People who depend on luck/wishes are always disappointed. Think about this, don’t you think you have waited too long to be lucky before you start? Imagine how your life would have been transformed; imagine the things you would’ve accomplished, the places you would’ve gone had you started on your dreams already. Continue reading Commitment Brings Luck

Not Just For The Woman. Men Have Roles Too

Photo Credit: flickr.com
Photo Credit: flickr.com

During a conversation I had with a friend recently, I was asked, should it just be about women? Women be this, be that, do this or that in a relationship or marriage. What about the men don’t they have roles too? This really got me thinking, because truly as the saying goes, it takes two to tango. Men too have roles to play in sustaining their relationships or marriages. We can’t just leave all the changing and doing to women alone!

Every man desires a good wife, but we forget that, as a proverb states, “Good wives and good plantations are made by good husbands.” So you see, your lover, wife is as good as you make them to be. The woman is simply the reflection of her man.  Ladies are always told to be subject to the man, to try and please, show love, affection, be caring, be able to take care of their homes and much more. We forget that no matter how skilful a lady is in the area of home making and “man keeping” if the man doesn’t notice, appreciate, contribute, and compliment her, her efforts will be in vain.

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Several women today are in want of a man who will reciprocate their love, appreciate their good and their self-sacrifice. Many times especially here in Africa, it is the woman takes care of the home and the entire family, combining that with her businesses and careers, and making sure her keep herself in shape to please the man, and as a reward the man doesn’t even notice these efforts.

I have come to discover that sometimes, when relationships and marriages fail, it isn’t because the woman isn’t doing enough, but some men are just so difficult to please. Nothing, no amount of work or sacrifice a lady does is ever enough. They go about finding faults in all things. There are selfish husbands who go about amusing themselves with friends, without giving their women any chance. But does it ever occur to such “Egyptian taskmasters” that all work and no play is quite as bad for women as for men? Continue reading Not Just For The Woman. Men Have Roles Too