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Our Worst Enemies are Not Outside, But Inside of Us

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The world has been thinking wrong. We think our greatest enemies are people from other tribes, religion, colours, nations; people who don’t support us, our competitors, or even our family members who are not doing as much as we are. And this thinking is responsible for the hate and negativity we spread.

On the contrary, our worst enemies are not outside but inside of us. Every human being harbours a traitor who is always on the watch to thwart his ambition, to cause failure for his efforts. That traitor is doubt.

You must realize that no matter who you are, or what you do, you will always be followed about by certain mental enemies, mental traitors, which will try to dissuade you from doing the best you can or achieving your dreams whatever they may be. Doubt is one of the most insistent of these.

I think of my life and how much more I would have achieved if I hadn’t doubted myself. While its easy to point out blame to others who didn’t support us, or who doubted our success, we often doubted ourselves first before others, who saw through us began confirming our doubts.

In my case I have always dreamed of inspiring people and helping overcome their setbacks to achieve personal success, yet I doubted if people would want to listen to me; I doubted if my personal experiences of failure and success were enough to share with others. Continue reading Our Worst Enemies are Not Outside, But Inside of Us

1 Thing You Mustn’t Do: Give In

Photo credit: flickr.com
Photo credit: flickr.com

The story of Joseph in the Bible is one that many of us can relate with, in our lives. Joseph was mocked, scoffed, and hated by his folks because of his dreams and goals, and his determination to make them a reality.

His folks were uncomfortable around him because they couldn’t understand why he won’t be normal, and be content with the family trade of rearing cattle and sheep. Since they couldn’t see themselves higher than where they stood, they were angry because Joseph had a bigger size of vision.

There are some of us who are like Joseph. We have families who don’t believe in our dreams; our wives ridicule us; our children make faces at us when we talk about our dreams and goals; or parents laugh at us; our friends put us down for going after such dreams and goals.

But like Joseph, you need not be deterred by the harsh words and opposition of those around you. You need instead to persist and go ahead with your goals and dreams. I have to come to realize that when people don’t understand you, they oppose you. And when their opposing views aren’t yielding their desired results, they resort to hate.

Folks if people are throwing mud at you because of what you believe in; because of your strong faith in your dreams and goals, never mind them. Just keep doing what you are doing, because if you do the right things consistently and long enough, the results will show. – Remember success is the sweetest revenge. Continue reading 1 Thing You Mustn’t Do: Give In

Trust in the Lord

Feeling downcast today? Enjoy this devotional message for today:

Trust in the Lord and do good; dwell in the land and enjoy safe pasture. (Psalm 37:3)

I once met a poor woman who earned a meagre living through hard domestic labour but was a joyful, triumphant Christian. Another Christian lady, who was quite sullen, said to her one day, “Nancy, I understand your happiness today, but I would think your future prospects would sober you. Suppose, for instance, you experience a time of illness and are unable to work. Or suppose your present employers move away, and you cannot find work elsewhere. Or suppose—”

“Stop!” cried Nancy. “I never ‘suppose.’ ‘The Lord is my shepherd, I shall not be in want’ [Ps. 23:1]. And besides,” she added to her gloomy friend, “it’s all that ‘supposing’ that’s making you so miserable. You’d better give that up and simply trust the Lord.” Continue reading Trust in the Lord

Sureness of Hand

“An ocean liner was caught in a terrible storm. It seemed that any moment the seaworthy vessel would capsize. As one of the passengers sought safety, he saw a small child sitting in the middle of the ship’s dining room, playing with a toy, seemingly oblivious to the chaos and confusion around him. Frantically, the passenger ran up to him and screamed, ‘You’d better put on your life vest and find your parents. We are in the middle of a storm!’ the little boy looked up at the stranger and calmly replied, ‘Thank you mister, but I am not worried. My daddy is the captain of the ship.”

What about you? When everything is turning against you, can you still keep up your faith? Continue reading Sureness of Hand