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Still Contemplating Going After Your Goals? Here is What You Need to Start

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So many businesses, dreams, aspirations that could have changed the world have not seen the light of the day due to a lack of courage. Every waking day sends people into obscurity who could have been famous had they had the courage to put some efforts on their dreams and goals.

Folks to do anything meaningful in this world, you must not stand back, and muse about the things that can go wrong in your ideas, or wait for the perfect chances of big opportunities before you venture out. The Bible says, that “Whoever keeps staring at the wind won’t sow; whoever daydreams won’t reap.”

Too many folks today spend so much time calculating and consulting with others until one day they find that they have lost all the time available. While it is good to think things through, it is dangerous to over think. For some others, the reason their dreams and goals are not being realized is that they are looking for the validation of others before they pursue those dreams and goals. Continue reading Still Contemplating Going After Your Goals? Here is What You Need to Start

Give it Another Try

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I know it is not easy to be cheerful when after doing your best, everything you do just go wrong or don’t turn out the way you expected. When your business enterprise you started that looked really promising for you ends in disaster; when your plans to earn a college or university education – plans that you or your family members have sacrificed for are suddenly overturned due to some unforeseen unfortunate event or adversity.

These are just two of the many thousand and one disappointments and setbacks that can befall you no matter your status, race, faith or nationality. But what do you do when you encounter such adversity or setbacks? Are you to just sit down and weep and bemoan your hard luck because things go wrong?

That is the easiest thing to do, and that’s why we all do it. “The ignoble thing seems far easier to do than the noble thing.” So that’s not what I want you to do.

I want you to choose to rise above your disappointments and setbacks whatever they may be. Choose to stand back up even if it isn’t straight; make an effort to get your life back together. Too many of you are waiting for others to come by and help you, just like the man at the pool of Bethsaida who waited for almost 40 years because he said he had no one. Continue reading Give it Another Try

Podcast Episode 7: Don’t Give in

For every dream or goal realised, several have been stolen or killed by the doubts and negative opinions of others around us.

When going after your dreams and goals, you will sometimes be faced with stiff opposition and lack of support from people who don’t understand the reason behind your passion and decisions, and this could even come from members of your close circle like family and friends.

So many people give in to the pressures at this point and let their dreams die. They lack the courage to follow through, but the few who ever did despite the lack of support have been the ones who have changed the world we live in today.

Your dreams matter. Your goals are valid. And through this audio, I just want you to know that. By listening, you will find the inspiration and courage to face and surmount any opposition that may arise along the way in the pursuit of your dreams.

I encourage you to listen, not just once, but over and again until the message sinks in and help you build the much needed wall against the dream stealers and naysayers.

Daily Wisdom

Most of life’s failures come when people lack the courage to act when it’s needed. They believe thoroughly in doing right, but when they come to a place where the moral aspect is not the only aspect of a question, and where very grave results may follow action, they lack the courage to trust themselves to act.

There is no courage higher than the courage which takes responsibilities when the providence of God puts them on us, and takes them without flinching, and without seeking to throw the burden of them off, in whole or in part, on someone else.

Pray that you may be strong to do your whole duty, not that you may be excused from it.. .“Cowardly flight from duty never leads to peace. Courageous fulfilment of duty never fails to find it.”

What is Holding You Back From Your Dreams?

As humans, we are blessed with the capacity to dream and desire things. Unfortunately, most of us go from the cradle to the grave without attempting to realize our dreams. Often this is due to some internal fear(s) within us that hold back from chasing those dreams.

Do you find yourself in this position? You have no problem imagining things, but you are afraid of going after those dreams? What if you found a way to face and surmount those inner fears holding you down, will you go for it? Then here is your opportunity. Listen to this brand new audio I did just for you on “What is holding you back from your dreams” and be inspired to chase your dreams, and have the kind of results you desire.

I encourage you download it and listen to over and again, because like the Bible says, Faith cometh by hearing and hearing the word of God. The courage to go after those dreams for you, may come after the hearing this message more than once. Feel free to share the audio with someone who is also struggling to fins the motivation to truly live their lives.

Live your greatest life!

It’s in You!

Your present and your future welfare depend mainly on yourself. Unfortunately many of us are looking outside of us for help. We assume that the influence of others on our behalf will enable us do better or accomplish more. While it is true that we need the cooperation of others in other to become successful, you can’t and shouldn’t surrender your power to others. You can’t sit around and expect others to do things for you that you should be doing for yourself.

Realize that you have within you all the powers, energies, ability, resources, for building a highly successful life. Remember the story told of a man who gave out talents to his servants as he was embarking on a journey, with a charge that they each invest their talents and present an account to him when he returns. According to the story, he gave one servant five talents, another he gave two talents while the last got one talent. On returning from his trip after several weeks of being away, the master called his servants to render accounts of their talents.

The servant who got five talents told the master how he had invested his talents and was able to double his talents from five to ten. The servant who got two told the master that he too doubled his from two to four. When it was the turn of the servant that got one talent, he dug up his one talent where he had hidden it and presented it back to his master. He was angry that he was given just one single talent, and this really enraged the master who reprimanded the servant. Continue reading It’s in You!

When Life Pushes You, Push Back

Photo Credit: flickr.com
Photo Credit: flickr.com

These past weeks life has been pushing me hard in different fronts. Having just relocated to a new city and finding that even though there are so many opportunities here, one still needs to fight even harder before I can breakthrough.

Everyday life seems to be making it harder for me to breakthrough but I am determined to fight back and make it even more difficult for it to break me either. In the past I would have given in and allowed myself to be pushed around, but not anymore. Today when life shows up and say “You can’t make it here” I reply “I can”; “You don’t have any contacts in the city” I reply “I have God with me.”; “You can never do it” I reply “Yes I can.”

Friends, is life pushing you too? You can resolve to push back and never let life, in the form of anybody or anything push you without pushing back because what you permit will grow bigger. Remember you are somebody. What someone else has done or achieved before you can do it too. You can succeed. You can conquer.

Stand Up For What is Right

Several years ago three young men who were among the ruling class of the most powerful nation on earth at the time, stood up against the decision of the most powerful ruler on earth even when the consequences were dire; their crime was considered treason and as the constitution at the time stated, they were to be put to death without trial yet they were unfazed and held their grounds even in the face of death.

In the book of Daniel we are told about the trio of Shedrach Meshach and Abednego who told the king, to hell with his laws and the position they occupied if it meant they had to compromise, concede or sell their faith and their belief in God. They would rather face death….a gruesome one at that than bow to a graven image. They believed their God would save them but if for any reason he didn’t they still wouldn’t bow.

How many of us can stand by our resolves and true conviction? In today’s world many of us Christians are entering into agreements, contracts against our moral code because we are guaranteed dollars and power. We join the rest of the world in accepting behaviours that clearly contradict our calling and purpose. We join associations where our faith is outlawed and suppressed in the name of gaining good social standing. Continue reading Stand Up For What is Right

You’ve Been Equipped For The Journey

Picture credit: flickr.com
Picture credit: flickr.com

Some of us have wonderful dreams, goals and ideas. And in our plans and calculations, we know that those goals, dreams or ideas have enormous potentials in them yet we fail to take action. Some of us think we are too young to act on those dreams; some of us are looking at the people or organizations who are already doing things similar to what we intend to do, and we become intimidated by their size, reach or presence.

For some, maybe it’s a relationship, and we are scared that we aren’t attractive enough, or good enough for the people we love. Whatever it is you desire but you are too afraid or in doubt to take action, what if you knew you couldn’t fail, will you still be afraid to act? I guess not!

The truth is, you have been adequately equipped by God for that project, dream or goal. His words tells us that look before you were formed in the womb, God already knew you and had planned for you. He had taken the time to put everything inside you that you will ever need to fulfil your destiny. The only problem is you haven’t taken the time to discover yourself. Continue reading You’ve Been Equipped For The Journey