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Live Simply

No matter how wealthy you are, how much you possess now, when you die you are going to leave all that behind. In my part of the world we bury people inside dug graves. And in all the funerals I have attended I have yet to see a grave that can contain a jet, a yacht, a house, a car, etc. the graves are so big they can only contain your casket or whatever your body is encased in. No one gets to take his possessions with him when he dies, yet a lot of us have wrapped our lives around them.

Most of our troubles stem from our attachment to the things we perceive as important, when they are actually not important. – Dalai Lama. You see, material things are good as they make up our lives but life is meant to be simple, that is why no matter how sophisticated and luxurious the city is, we still appreciate and savour the times we spend in the country side experiencing that simple beauty of nature.

Folks the only thing we are going to take with us is our memory of our lives here. Why don’t you spend time filling up your memory with wonderful experiences; spending more time with your family…they are the only people who will be around you when all else fails. So if you haven’t got one, make one; using your wealth to put smiles in the faces and lives of others around you. You can be great just by being simple as Leonardo da Vinci Said; Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.

Have the wisdom to savour the simple things. The wonderful memories that they bring will add more value to your life than any of the material toys we spend so much life energy pursuing. – Robin Sharma