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How to Succeed In Spite of Discouragements

In life all sorts of things happen to us; adversity, setbacks, and challenges hit us on all sides as we pursue our dreams.

Folks we can allow ourselves to be overwhelmed by discouragements when we are hit by these adversities, or we can decide to rise above them, but we just have to decide.

It is natural for us to think of all the wonderful things we would do if we could get rid of things that block our way and defeat our successes. If we didn’t have to struggle with disappointments, with heartaches, with trials and troubles of all sorts.

But in spite of all those wishes, the real test of our greatness and character is whether or not we will fulfil our ambitions and desires to the letter, whether we will execute our plans regardless of the things that are presently trying to pull us down.

Never be discouraged when things don’t work out for you the way you plan them. instead develop the courage to press on until you succeed. Continue reading How to Succeed In Spite of Discouragements

Having a Bad Day? God’s Got You

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We all have our discouraged days, when things do not go well. Your children come back home failing lessons at school even after studying hard and having really done their best, in fact you even helped them through their studies. Or as a mother you fail in your household work; the children are so hard to control.

Or maybe you have been wronged or angered and try as you could, you having difficulty being gentle, kind and patient with the world around you. Or maybe you return home after a long day at work, unhappy, disturbed, defeated or discouraged. You have done your best, but you feel that you have failed.

Life is not always easy for anyone who strives to live at their best. Work is hard; challenges are heavy; responsibility is great. Life’s competition is fierce, there are people trying to pull at you from every corner.

It is hard to live blissfully amid the irritations that touch continually at most tender points. It is hard to live lovingly and charitably when you see so much inequity and wrong, and sometimes you must yourself endure hate and injustice from people around you. Continue reading Having a Bad Day? God’s Got You