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Do Not Give Up On Your Dream

Some of us have been told it is dangerous to dream, to use our imaginations. When we dream, we were told that we are building castles in the air. We have been tagged “Dreamers.” But our doubters fail to realize that every real castle, every home, every home was an ‘air castle’ in the mind of the Architect first.

Dreaming is creative, as it brings into reality our desires and hopes. The skyscrapers, and other amazing structures you see around today, were first a dream, then they were put down on paper as plans, before they were erected.

Every man or woman who has accomplished great things in life, have been a dreamer, and whatever they accomplished have been in direct proportion to the clarity, the energy, the persistency with which they visualized their desires, held to their dreams and struggled to make them a reality.

Never give up on your dream because it is presently not being realized, or because you’ve been told you can’t have them, or because you cannot see it coming true. Hold on to your vision with all the strength you have. Keep your dreams bright. Fan the flames of your desires; do not allow the challenges and successes of life dim it. Become ambitious and focused in the pursuit of your dreams. Read the books, blog posts, articles that will stimulate your ambitions. Get close to people who have done what you are trying to do, learn from them, “imitate until you emulate; match and surpass those who launched you.

“Do not be afraid of your vision, or your power to dream, ‘for without vision the people perish.” Live your greatest life!

What Others think About You Is Irrelevant

A lot of us have failed to advance in life, or pursue our dreams at some point because we lived on other people’s opinions, worried about what people may think about our actions. The truth is most of the time, nobody is thinking about you at all. The people we are worrying about are too busy worrying about their own lives to bother about us. And the only time they think about you, they are wondering what you are thinking about them.

If having others believing in you and your dream was the requirement for success, then, I would never accomplish anything worthwhile. We need to base our decisions about what we want to do and achieve on our desires, plans, and goals. Not the goals, desires, opinions, and judgements of our spouses, friends, parents, children and colleagues. Its never about them, it is about you and what gives you joy. Quit worrying about what others think about you and follow your heart.

The 18/40/60 rule by Dr. Daniel Amen says;

At 18 you worry about what everyone thinks of you. At 40 you don’t care what anybody thinks of you. At 60 you realise no one was thinking about you anyway!

With this realization let us quit thinking and worrying about what others think of our relationships, our jobs, our looks, our income, our marriage choices. Let us spend that energy and time thinking about our goals and our to make our lives better.

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