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It’s Not Too Late To Have A Great Year

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It’s November, just two months to the end of this year. While people who may not have hit their goals for the year may be exasperated that the year is running too fast, I am holding on to God’s word that says, “better is the end of a thing than the beginning thereof”

No matter where you are on your goals for the year, just remember that it is over yet, and you can still crown this year with success. But for this to happen, you must get up each day to begin to turn things up. You see the greatest obstacle to success in life is just sitting by and trusting that something will turn up instead of going to work and turning things up.

Today too many people are relying on chance, horoscope, or luck rather than on certainties. This mindset as slowly crept into our churches, where we find Christian faithful who wouldn’t put God’s word to work by taking the steps to bring their dreams to reality, instead they wait for things to be miraculously provided for them.

Now I am not against trusting and relying in God, by all means we should. But we must proof our trust by going out to our part. God provides for the birds and animals, how much more us. But then observe the birds and animals, and you will realize that no bird or animal sits back in its nest, hole, or den, and wait for food to be provided. They instead go out, to find God’s provision. Continue reading It’s Not Too Late To Have A Great Year

Give it Another Try

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I know it is not easy to be cheerful when after doing your best, everything you do just go wrong or don’t turn out the way you expected. When your business enterprise you started that looked really promising for you ends in disaster; when your plans to earn a college or university education – plans that you or your family members have sacrificed for are suddenly overturned due to some unforeseen unfortunate event or adversity.

These are just two of the many thousand and one disappointments and setbacks that can befall you no matter your status, race, faith or nationality. But what do you do when you encounter such adversity or setbacks? Are you to just sit down and weep and bemoan your hard luck because things go wrong?

That is the easiest thing to do, and that’s why we all do it. “The ignoble thing seems far easier to do than the noble thing.” So that’s not what I want you to do.

I want you to choose to rise above your disappointments and setbacks whatever they may be. Choose to stand back up even if it isn’t straight; make an effort to get your life back together. Too many of you are waiting for others to come by and help you, just like the man at the pool of Bethsaida who waited for almost 40 years because he said he had no one. Continue reading Give it Another Try