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Looking For Easy Success?


There is no royal road to success and prosperity in life. There are certain ordeals everyone faces as we pass through life, and the people who succeed are those who have learned to overcome those trials. I know sometimes we wish life were easier than it is now, and we prayed we had it like others or had wealthy family members who can make our lives easier, but depending too little on yourself and more on other people has been seen to ruin the lives of most people starting out in life.

The people who succeed in life are men and women who learned early on to depend on themselves. By relying on your efforts, you learn firsthand some of the most valuable life lessons that no amount of inherited or easy money can ever give to you, and which no person can ever take from you.

The only money that does a person right is what he earns himself. “A ready-made fortune, like ready-made clothes, seldom fits the man who comes into possession.” Nothing makes a man more economical than living on his account. Haven’t you seen that the most extravagant youths in our society are those who have Parents, or “Uncles,” who give them money frequently? But let those same individuals have no sources for money except what they earn, and they will immediately see more reasons for saving than for spending. Continue reading Looking For Easy Success?

Your Greatness Will Be Revealed In The End

There was a story told of a preacher who met a child carrying a basket that was well covered. He asked the child, “what are you carrying in that basket little child?” The child answered, “Sir, if my mum had wanted anyone to know what the contents of my basket were, she wouldn’t have covered it up.”

Folks most of us want God’s plans for our lives to manifest quickly. We complain about the challenges and trials we face daily in the pursuit of success and daily living. Like that child’s response, I want you to also know that if God has meant for us to know all his loving plans for us, He wouldn’t have covered them up with the experiences of pain, trials, challenges, sickness, or failure etc.

But no matter what you are going through remember that for all the challenges, Continue reading Your Greatness Will Be Revealed In The End

Daily Wisdom

A day makes a lot of difference in our lives. If you are having a difficult day, never give up and think your life is a difficult one, it’s just one day! If you endure till the breaking of a new one, you will see that most of your problems have passed along with the previous one miraculously.

“Human beings are the only creatures who are allowed to fail. If an ant fails, it’s dead. But we’re allowed to learn from our mistakes and from our failures. And that’s how I learn, by falling flat on my face and picking myself up and starting all over again.” ― Madeleine L’Engle

You Want To Be Great? Endure!

Photo credi: flickr.com
Photo credi: flickr.com

A boy once asked his father, “How many times do I have to try again after I have failed?” and the father replied, “Son, until you succeed.” The Chinese have a saying that “defeat is the mother of success” – After you fail once or twice, try again. It will increase your determination, and strengthen your endurance.

What makes you great in my opinion isn’t the number of houses you own, the luxury cars you drive, the wealth you possess, or if you always grace the cover pages of leading and influential magazines. But rather in how you overcome life’s challenges. A truly great person is someone who has understood the challenges of life, endured the hardships, and tolerated the abuse and criticism of others.

You see, “everyone knows how to thrive and survive in the good times. It is the trying times that separates the one who has substance from the one who merely possesses the image.” Maybe you are reading this and thinking, “But do I have to fail?” “Can’t I have a stress free life like others?” “Must the beginnings always be rough for me?”

If you are thinking that, you are not alone. I have often felt that way too. There had been many times in my own life, when I wished there was a magic formula or something I could do to take out all the negative experiences in my life. I always thought how wonderful my life will be, if I had no challenges and live a stress free life. But the fact is the absence of challenges and negative experiences will make us “dull”.

In this life, we all face storms of some sort. We will have the bad times and enter rough phases in our lives. But even in the midst of the tragedy, sorrow and adversity, we must find a way to be positive and optimistic. Truly great people understand that hardships, loss, sorrow and disappointments are part of life, and so they try to find a joy, humour, gratitude, and beauty in the midst of their darkness. Continue reading You Want To Be Great? Endure!

Why You Should Endure…

“For you have need of endurance, so that when you have done the will of God you may receive what is promised.” – Hebrews 10:36

A truly great individual is one who has endured, persevered, the opposition, criticism, challenges, persecution, and risen above them all. Greatness comes after enduring the pains and trials, and suffering all the insufferable. “Blessed is the man who remains steadfast under trial, for when he has stood the test he will receive the crown of life, which God has promised to those who love him.” – James 1: 12.

Everyone knows how to thrive in the good times. But it is the trying times, the hardships, the dark times that separate the one who will succeed and the one who wouldn’t. The most decorated soldiers are the ones who have gone to war and survived fierce and difficult battles and operations. If you want to live your greatest life, you have to endure the trials and tribulations, knowing that in them is the key for your breakthrough.

Have the faith to endure the humiliation of defeat and criticism, to rise above it and dare to do what is right in fulfilling your destiny. Or as Abraham Lincoln said, “Let us have faith that right makes might, and in that faith, let us to the end, dare to do our duty as we understand it.”

“Our negative life situations are essential elements for us to fulfil our intended destiny. However, unless we possess the power of endurance to live through the dark of the night, we will not see the glory of daybreak.” All great people have endured…so endure to be great.

Real Success Takes Time

The reason why you are facing so many challenges at the moment and everything around you seem to be going at snail pace is because God is preparing you for a great future.

Never mind if everyone around you is making progress but you don’t seem to have any headway yet. You see, though we all strive for success in life, some of us are just aiming for survival, to live average and comfortable lives. What these individuals would require to succeed is not the same as what you, who is striving for greatness would require. “When a person takes a journey to the nearby woods, to return a few hours later, he doesn’t have to prepare a supply of food. If he has to travel 100 kilometres, he would need to prepare food for overnight. If he has to travel 1,000 kilometres, he would need to prepare food for three months.”

when one is destined for greater accomplishments in life, the preparation for such a journey can be extensive, often you will be ridiculed, laughed at, scoffed by people who do not understand your purpose and goals, but never mind, endure till the end. Real success takes time.