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“Bodily Exercise and Food Gives Little Profits”

Picture credit: flickr.com
Picture credit: flickr.com

Many of us are very picky and particular about what food we eat. These days there have been so much consciousness on healthy diets. This is so because we know that our bodies reflect the diet fed them. Physical stamina, resistance to disease, body size, even how long we live are all closely related to what we eat.

While many of us have almost perfected the art of healthy dieting, we have failed to also realize that our minds also reflect the kind of “mind food” we feed them. We may have very healthy physical bodies, but we feed our minds with unhealthy junk meals. – Through the information, habits, and attitudes we pick from our environments.

Our environment shapes us, makes us think, talk, or walk the way we do. You are where you are in life largely because of well fed or how malnourished your mind is. Its time to become as conscious about what you feed your minds, as we are about what we feed our bodies, because the size of your thinking, your goals, your attitudes, your personality are all a reflection of your state of mind. Continue reading “Bodily Exercise and Food Gives Little Profits”

Right Association, Key Success Secret

A great poet, Alfred Lord Tennyson, wrote a poem called Ulysses. In which he stated, “I am part of who I met.” I have found this to be the absolute truth to all of us; we have been influenced by our schools, every sermon or teaching in our religious institutions, every conversation we heard, or the books we read, every person who has touched our lives has left an impression on our characters, and we become just like the people we associate with most of the time.

Our environments, our associations, have a great impact in our lives, whether we know this or not. Many of us rise or fall according to the people around us, or the places we live. If you look at the lives of people who have failed to move up in life, people who are living mediocre lives, you will discover that they are where they are because they don’t live or hang around environments that stimulate them, encourage them to try harder. Many people lack ambition because; no one ever showed them the heights their destinies could reach.

Many of us have families that discourage us from pursuing our goals; we belong to organizations that don’t applaud achievements and success. We have been told aiming high is a vain thing to seek. Folks the environments you find yourself play a great role in how your lives are shaped. Some of the people we find in prisons, in gangs, in rehabilitation centres are examples of the bad influence an environment or an association can have in us.

Do you want to live your greatest life, and fulfil your destiny? Do whatever it takes, , make any sacrifice necessary to always be in an ambition-arousing atmosphere, an environment that will stimulate you to self-development. Hang around people who understand you, who believe in you, who will help you to discover yourself and encourage you to make the most of yourself. Continue reading Right Association, Key Success Secret