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“There is an evil I have seen under the sun, the sort of error that arises from a ruler; fools are put in many high positions, while the rich occupy the low ones. I have seen slaves on horse backs while princes go on foot like slaves.” Ecclesiastes. 10: 5-7

As I reflect on the Teacher’s words, I could really see this anomaly playing out in today’s world, thereby making life to seem unfair.
I see people who have gotten good quality education, with sincere desires to become successful, fail in achieving their dreams in spite of being well educated, having good motives and desires. They seem to possess all the right qualities it takes to become successful yet success always eludes them. Whereas there are others with little or no form of education, who are dishonest and unethical, but seem to have so much success. I see thieving politicians become rich on the people’s wealth, armed robbers, kidnappers, drug dealers and others you wouldn’t want to associate with, become so very rich, drive the best cars, live in exclusive neighbourhoods, and dine in porch restaurants. While those with honest intentions are wallowing and struggling to have a basic form of existence.
Pondering over these, I sought to know from my own life, the times I ever achieved so much what did I do differently? And what do these people even though unethical do that the many still struggling do not do?
These are the answers I discovered.


1- They work to achieve their goals, we don’t.

2- They take all they have and put it to work, We don’t.

3- They stay up late at night developing new plans to achieve their dreams and work hard day after day to make these dreams realty, we don’t.

4- They learn all that they possibly can about their industry and markets, we don’t.

5- They get around the right people, and associate with those who can help them achieve their goals, we don’t.

6- They don’t just dream about their future, they do something about it, we don’t.

“The only thing necessary for evil to prevail for good men to do nothing”. Edmund Burke


722580268_ebb485640f_mBlaine Athorn shared this analogy of life in one of his events; “Life is like walking down a road. Sometimes in life, there are going to be people on one side of the road throwing stones, and there are going to be people on the other side throwing sticks. If you walk down the middle of that road, you will be hit with stones and sticks. Sometimes in life you have to stand up for what is right because if you walk down the middle of the road, no one will respect you”.
There are times in life when we have to stand up for what we know in our moral compass is right. So when somebody else is getting wronged, when somebody else is doing something that isn’t right, you tell them this isn’t the right thing to do and I won’t participate. If we want to be successful we have to have integrity. If it is wrong, it is wrong. Integrity means honesty and truth. William Shakespeare wrote, “And this above all, to thine own self be true, and it must follow as the night the day thou canst not be false to any man”. If you are true to yourself you will not be false to anyone else.
Success in life requires dealing with people, and people can only deal with you if they trust you. People love and value men and women of integrity with a sense of humour, kindness and gentleness. As Shakespeare said let us be true to our self, let us try as best as we can to know ourselves, to take a true inventory of our abilities, talents, what we want, our goals. Discover what course of life will fulfil your powers completely. Discovering all these is being true to ourselves. That is integrity. Successful people have discovered themselves, they know what they want and follow their strongest suit. They do what they can do with all that is in them. They do not go with the flow – they are true! They recognize that honesty is good business, honesty is the best means of getting rich.
It may seem like people can gain success and money quickly if they are willing cut corners and act without their compass of morality. While dishonesty may provide instant gratification in the moment, it never lasts. Yes there are people out there without integrity who succeed and acquire power without ever getting caught, and this creates a false perception of the path to success for us to follow. These individuals may have gained momentarily success, but the truth is it is a high price to pay, as the consequences outweigh the gains. Those persons have lost their integrity and the ability to be trusted by friends. “Profit in dollars or power is temporary, but profit in a network of people who trust you as a person of integrity is forever.”
In this life that we have it is important to define what our moral compass is. What is that code that we would live by and stand true to? “The greatest ignorance of all is the mistaken belief that we can ever receive more than we truly earn. Sooner or later there will be an accounting” Paul in the letter to the Galatians wrote; “Be not deceived God cannot be mocked. A man reaps what he sows.” Life can only return to us what we sow. Right now you have great great wealth; you can think, you have talent, and you have time, sow them as seeds. And when days come when you find yourself depressed or confused remember the words of Dean Briggs, “Do your work, not just your work and no more but a little more for lavishing sake, that little more that is worth all the rest, and if you suffer as you must and if you doubt as you must, do your work, put your heart into it and then out of your very doubt will be born the supreme joy of life”.