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How to Deal with a Challenging Life

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Most of us think of the wonderful things we would do if we could only get rid of the worries, the annoyances, the disturbances that prick us day by day, as well as the things that defeat our ambitions – the failures, the disappointments, the heartbreaks, the blunders, the setbacks that continually tend to befall us and discourage us.

Yet the real test of our strength is whether we will fulfil our purposes; carry out our life plan and become successful in spite of all the things that are apparently trying to hold us down, or, whether we will allow ourselves to be overcome by the hindrances that slow the steps of everyone going after their dreams.

For how long will you whine and carry a long, sad face giving the world the impression that your life has been full of disappointments? For how long will you keep telling your woe stories, that you haven’t achieved your goals because of the setbacks that you have experienced this year?

For how long are you going to let your troubles and trials, challenges and annoyances which happen to every career and everyone, keep you down? For how long will you keep allowing disappointments and failures to worry and devitalize you that you cannot do the biggest thing possible to you? Are you going to be a victim of your troubles and trials in spite of your divine possibilities? Continue reading How to Deal with a Challenging Life

The Secret to Real Success? Get Right with God


Put away the illusion that any real success is possible except when working in harmony with Divine law and living by Divine grace. All effort contrary to the God’s will is worse than wasted. Most people foolishly expect to win out in life moving against the forces and laws that govern the universe! Don’t be deceived as no one did succeed that way.

Take a moment to think about this. If you fill your right pocket by emptying your left, are you making money? If you accumulate wealth by losing your soul, is that gain? If you acquire anything by fraud, or at the expense of health, or character, is that victory? If you gain prestige, fame, or fortune by the efforts of others without giving value received, is that success? No!

Every cheat is a failure. Every fraud is a loser. Every moral delinquent is bankrupt. Every dishonest dollar in a man’s pocket puts him a dollar in debt. Every hypocrite, whether in the social, economic, or religious world, is wasting his life and robbing humanity of the honest service he should render. Continue reading The Secret to Real Success? Get Right with God

How to Move Away From Mediocrity

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I had an interaction with someone recently, and when I asked him why he had to indulge in some of the things he was into, he responded that he was enjoying his youth now that he is still long because that phase won’t last long.

Thinking about what he said, I realized just how many people, both young and old have this view – wasting their lives and term it “enjoyment” or “pleasure” or “flexing.” The truth is if you live right and constantly improve yourself, you will enjoy life every day as long as you live.

That people, especially young people should waste their time on cheap and senseless pleasure, and that old people should live a dejected and uninteresting life is an idea that doesn’t belong in this age of information and technology advancement.

Strive to use your time well while you are young and you will stay young, and better more, you will become something and someone of impact in our world. The question you should ask is not whether you shouldn’t enjoy yourself, rather ask yourself whether it is okay to remain in mediocrity, with nothing but common pleasures, when it is possible for you to live your greatest life and have the best of what your world can offer. Continue reading How to Move Away From Mediocrity

Podcast Episode 14: How to Conquer 5 Most Causes of Failure

Failure is something everyone tries to avoid, yet quite too often we find ourselves failing.

A lot of people who fail seems to not understand what causes them to fail, because according to them they did everything to have succeeded yet they don’t

In this episode, I share 5 of the most causes of failure and how to conquer them and be on your way to success, whatever your definition of success is.

I encourage you to listen, download and share this message to others, and also share your thoughts with me.

Don’t Start if You Won’t Finish!

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The bible says, “better is the end of a thing than its beginning….” Consider that statement and think why will the bible say that, when beginnings are always celebrated in our world? It’s common to find people celebrate their beginning of a blog, their beginning of an exercise class, their business start up, and you look for these individuals some months, years later and you don’t find them.

The author of that bible portion clearly understands that it is not enough to begin a journey; you must continue it. Mere enrolment into school or an academic program doesn’t make one a scholar; the student must continue in the school through the long course until he/she masters every aspect of the program. Success depends on the staying power. The reason for failure in most cases is lack of perseverance. We quit too soon.

Too often you hear people complain that their business or career is a failure simply because they didn’t have the immediate riches or fame they had expected, and you find them leaving one occupation or business to another that looks more promising.

This is very common in network marketing business. People don’t want to put in the time required to get the results. They are always jumping from one company to another, and in most cases the new business isn’t more satisfactory than the previous one, and it in turn gives way for another. Continue reading Don’t Start if You Won’t Finish!

Podcast Episode 11: The Price for Greatness

Success has a price, it doesn’t just magically happen. Do you have dreams and goals you desire to achieve then you must be willing to pay the price to have them realized.

Even the bible talks about this in Luke when it said; “Suppose one of you wants to build a tower.Won’t you first sit down to estimate the cost to see if you have enough money to complete it?”

In this episode i talk about the price for greatness and success in life. Listen to it and find out what it takes to become successful..whatever success means for you. And remember if you are unwilling to pay the price for success, you will pay the price for failure.

I encourage you to listen to this more than once, and share this message with others. God bless you.

What Does Failure Mean To You?

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For some time now, I have been wearing a new hat; teaching kids in children Sunday School in my church. But honestly, I have been the pupil while the children have been teaching me.

I have some of the smartest kids I have met in my class. But like most children I know, the students don’t like failure. They enjoy winning, but never can stand being told they didn’t make the cut.

I was like them too when I was growing up, and seeing just how much such attitude have cost me in life, I try to always talk to them about the need to embrace failure, to understand that life is made up of a series of failures.

I have failed more times than most people I know. I failed three terms straight when I was in primary two. In fact one of an old classmate of mine met told someone who knew me recently that I was the dullest boy in our school then. I failed in secondary school; I couldn’t make my senior secondary school certificate examination in one sitting. And when I got into the university I capped it up by spending two extra years.

As a business man I have recorded many failures and losses. I have had failures in relationships. I have had failures in life, that made me wonder if I was cursed or being haunted by witches from my Village. Continue reading What Does Failure Mean To You?

Daily Wisdom

Most of life’s failures come when people lack the courage to act when it’s needed. They believe thoroughly in doing right, but when they come to a place where the moral aspect is not the only aspect of a question, and where very grave results may follow action, they lack the courage to trust themselves to act.

There is no courage higher than the courage which takes responsibilities when the providence of God puts them on us, and takes them without flinching, and without seeking to throw the burden of them off, in whole or in part, on someone else.

Pray that you may be strong to do your whole duty, not that you may be excused from it.. .“Cowardly flight from duty never leads to peace. Courageous fulfilment of duty never fails to find it.”

Daily Wisdom

Ever heard the phrase, “If you cannot do what you like, then like what you do.” That is one of the secrets of a truly successful life. In life you may be sometimes required to do things you don’t like; jobs that are below your qualifications, assignments that are far inferior to you. If you are in this position remember the phrase above and a message in scripture that says, whatever you find to do, do it with all your heart as on to God.

If you are presently finding it difficult to achieve success in any area of your life, just trust God who is able to make a way for you. Have faith in God and take whatever he gives you; believe that you can succeed; be willing to fail if He wants you to have the discipline of failure.