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How To Have An Unhappy Life

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Unhappiness comes when we put our hopes and trust in our fellow humans instead of putting them on God and ourselves. When we are able to eradicate this need of others and begin to believe that our lives direction is determined by God and our own efforts, we will see how happy we become despite the circumstances we find ourselves.

I can tell you this because I have been a victim of this. There were times, a few years ago when I blamed my family for my situation. I felt unloved and held bitterness in my heart, and the result was my lack of progress.

You see the fact is, you can never move forward when you are dwelling in the past when you are heavily laden with burdens because the mind needs to be totally free for it to think clearly.

A couple of weeks back I met a lady who still blamed her situation on a failed relationship of 5 years back. She went on lamenting and blaming the guy for being responsible for her still being single because he left her for another. The guy is obviously not aware of this and had moved on from then to start his own family, yet she was still stuck in that chapter of her life. Continue reading How To Have An Unhappy Life

The Danger in Helping Too Much

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Blessings can sometimes turn to a curse in one’s life. Even kindness may be overdone. One may be too gentle. Love may hold others back from their purpose and wreck their destinies. There are times when in the process loving others we meddle with God’s discipline for them.

Of course, we are to be helpful to others. No aim should be put higher in our life-plans than that of personal helpfulness. The motto of the true Christian cannot be other than that of the Master: “Not to be ministered unto, but to minister.”

Even in the ambition to gather and retain wealth, the spirit of the desire must be, if we are Christians at all, that thereby we may become more helpful to others; that through, or by means of, our wealth, we may be enabled to do larger and greater good. Whatever gift, power, or possession we have that we do not seek to use in this way is not yet truly devoted to God.

There are many ways to help others, yet too often most people think if you are not giving material things out, you are not helping, yet the truest and best help anyone can give to others is not in material things, but in ways that make them stronger and better. Money is good alms when money is really needed, but in comparison with the divine gifts of hope, friendship, courage, sympathy, and love, it is paltry and poor. Continue reading The Danger in Helping Too Much

Podcast Episode 19: What is Your Moral Compass?

There are times in life when we have to stand up for what we know in our moral compass is right.

In our world today, with everything that is happening, you could see that our morality is being thrown away. People will rather be liked than stand up for what is right.

What about you, are you conforming with the crowd, or you have a moral compass and you stick with it. The bible clearly warns us not conform to the patterns of the world.

This serves as a reminder for those of us who may have forgotten about our morality in dealing with life’s issues, and also as a beacon of courage to anyone who is struggling with the attitude of people towards him/her for choosing to be different in a world where people are dying to conform with the crowd.

Listen to it, download it, and share it with others. If it blesses you in any way, share your thoughts in the comments below.

Live your greatest life!

Podcast Episode 13: Don’t Let Anyone Steal Your Dreams

Don’t let anyone steal your dreams! All around us there are people who try to sabotage us and our aspirations. They look for ways to put us down and discourage us from going after our dreams.They point out weaknesses, mistakes, setbacks and past losses when you turn to them for encouragement.

Sometimes dream stealers can be the people closest to you and other times they whisper and hide out in the deep recesses of your own mind as doubts. Safeguard your mind. Preserve your energy by listening to this very motivating episode.

Let me know your thoughts about this. God bless you

Are Comfort Zones Comfortable?

Photo Credit: flickr.comAre comfort zones really that comfortable? I doubt that! The major reason why we remain in our comfort zones isn’t because where we are is so comfortable, but it is because we are afraid. We are afraid of starting over, afraid of failing, afraid of succeeding, afraid of the time it will take and the energy/money/resources we will expend and therefore we settle for where we are.

But everything in life has a price, even our comfort zones can be very costly in the end. Just like the sad story of a woman who was alledgedly murdered by the husband. As I read that story and the many reactions that have been following it, all I could ask was why didn’t she leave?

Like most Nigerian women I know who are enduring abusive marriages, their response is always, “who will take care of my children when I leave?” But now that she is dead, who will take care of the children? Continue reading Are Comfort Zones Comfortable?

15 Quotes on The Importance Of Purpose in Life

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One of the biggest causes of anxiety in my opinion is a lack of purpose in life. I remember back then when I hadn’t discovered my life’s purpose how anxious I always was.

Although I was working and earning a living, I felt like I had a vacuum I needed to fill. The salary wasn’t bringing me any satisfaction, going to work was always a drag. And while I was doing well physically and in the eyes of the public, I was dying on my inside.

I knew I could be better, I knew I was missing something but just didn’t know what it was.

Then after a thorough inward search, and praying to God for a meaningful life, I discovered my calling of sharing messages of hope and inspiration to others, and helping people overcome their setbacks and adversity to achieve success in their lives and business/careers.

After discovering my purpose, I had another hurdle to overcome; the courage to leave the work I was doing to focus on my true calling.

I had the challenge of family, friends and society who thought I was crazy. I was confronted with questions like, “how will Motivational speaking put food on your table?” “how can you leave a government job with so much security?” “You don’t even have an MBA or a PhD and you want to help people succeed?” “Who will care about your life story to learn from it?” Continue reading 15 Quotes on The Importance Of Purpose in Life

What’s Good About My Life?

Photo Credit: flickr.comI read a story of how one of the great diamond fields of South Africa was discovered; according to the story, one day a tourist entered one of the villages in rural South Africa, and stopped by a little hut to watch a village boy amuse himself by throwing stones in the air. And in the process one of the stones fell at  the tourist’s feet; and he picked it up, and was about to return it to the boy when he saw a flash of light from the stone which caught his attention, and upon closer examination he discovered that the stone was a diamond.

The boy had no clue of the value of the stones he was throwing. To him they were simply objects he could play with. But to the informed tourist, it was a gem of great value hidden in rough coverings.

Just like the boy in the story, most of us don’t realize how much value we have inside us. We look at our lives and think we don’t matter much; we have not talents and skills that are marketable; we have no reason to want to aspire to become great. Continue reading What’s Good About My Life?

Who Do You Have Around?

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I have always emphasized the value of people – friends, family, colleagues, and associates in our success journey. And you really people if you must succeed but you don’t need everybody or too many people. What is required and should be nurtured is strategic relationships.

Take for instance in my case, where I moved into a new city without any connections, and very little resources that ended in my first month of settling into the city. I wouldn’t have come this far if I hadn’t had support from the wonderful people God brought my way.

Folks again you need people! But if they wandering aimlessly through life and encouraging you to spend less time on your purpose you need to flee from them. Just because someone was your best friend since childhood, or you guys used to play football and pluck mango fruits together back in the day doesn’t mean they still have to be around you today in your journey to purpose if they cannot see where you are going. Continue reading Who Do You Have Around?

Can We Really Be Anything We Want to Be?

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I bet most of you have heard the phrase “you can be anything you want to be if you try hard enough” and you probably have been saying it and repeating it to others as well. Well you are not alone as I have been saying it to myself and to others during my motivational speeches.

Can we really be anything we want to be? Like most people I believed and lived the maxim “we can be anything we want to be if we try hard enough.” I spent most of my life trying to proof that I could be whatever I focused my heart on. I tried fitting my round life into a square hole with effort and belief.

For instance, right from my primary school days, I struggled with numbers and mathematics, yet my parents, made sure I spent more time trying to become good at it. And it worked! I became good at mathematics, enrolled into the science class in my secondary school and ended up studying architecture in the university. Continue reading Can We Really Be Anything We Want to Be?