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What You Plant is What You Will Harvest

“Do not be deceived, God cannot be mocked. A man reaps what he sows.”

A lot of us do not pay attention to the laws governing the earth. I guess the only law many of us care to know is the law of gravity, probably because we were taught that in school. But there are many other laws in operation, with as much effect as that of Gravitational pull.

One of such laws is the law of “Cause and Effect” or as the bible calls it, “Seedtime and Harvest.” Yes – and before your mind starts wondering, this isn’t a preaching on money and giving, because many of us have come to associate “sowing seeds and harvesting” to mean parting with our money.

Friends the law of cause and effect is an unfailing boomerang. And like all laws it takes effect whether you are aware of its existence or not.  It is applied in the same measure to the rich and to the poor, the lord and the subjects, everybody eats from the same bowl.

Every day I see and meet people who expect love from others but they don’t give love to others nor themselves; people expect honesty from others but they themselves are not honest; people complain about their spouse unfaithfulness to them in their marriage, but they weren’t faithful in their relationships. Continue reading What You Plant is What You Will Harvest