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No Challenges, No Glory

photo credit: flickr.com

The economy, dollar exchange rates, fuel scarcity, Epileptic power supply have all become our national chorus as a people.

I didn’t grow up meeting a time when the economy had been stable, where we’ve had steady power supply, or where the naira had ever been at par with the dollar. All through my life, things hadn’t ever worked properly in Nigeria. And if you are a young person also, you will agree with me too.

It then amazes me why we often use these factors as excuses why we are not achieving results. I feel the brunt of all these too, but my focus is never on what is not working, but on how to make the best of every situation.

For those of you who know my story, I have shared many times the challenges I had to go through growing up, from moving from living in luxury to experiencing extreme poverty where one couldn’t afford 3 square meals. I remember a certain Easter where we had to eat beans because that was the only food we had since my parents couldn’t afford to buy rice at the time. Continue reading No Challenges, No Glory

What is righteous in being small?

Photo credit: flickr.com
Photo credit: flickr.com

There is nothing in the original design of the creator for us to be weak, struggling, poor, unhealthy, unachieving or unsuccessful. But sadly this has become the norm for many of us, we seem to have bought the lie sold us by society, that only a lucky few, the royals, the geniuses, the special class of humans, the people of a particular race or clime are suppose to live and have everything going on for them.

Daily you find someone you know directly or indirectly, who has suddenly given up on his/her dreams; given up on love; given up on the desire and hope of a meaningful life, and have been sucked up by pool of negativity. These individuals because they’ve tried and failed have refused to try again. Some didn’t even bother to try, but saw or heard about others who have failed ahead of them and so they gave up too.

This needn’t be your tale my friends. You were designed for greatness; to live freely, aim high, and have dominion. You have been called to be the head and not the tail. You are the light of the world, you duty is to let your light shine so bright that other lives are illumined by you. You have glory in you. You are to thrive in your blessings and press continuously towards your dreams. Continue reading What is righteous in being small?