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Stop Sitting on The Edge

Photo Credit: flickr.com
Photo Credit: flickr.com

One day two butterflies were on the edge of a flower, discussing. One said, “We cannot know whether there is any honey in the flower; no butterfly ever found honey, and no butterfly ever will.” The other said, “Well, nevertheless, I think there might be some.” And while they argued back and forth, a humming-bird flew in and ran its long beak into the flower, and sipped the sweetness they flew away.

Most of us are like these two butterflies, we sit by, discussing, arguing, planning, and praying but we never dare take action. And while we contemplate and plan, someone else rushes in and takes the opportunities from under us and become successful.

There is a saying that “fools rush in where Angels fear thread.” While this statement may be true for people who act without plans, the world we live in today has been made better because some people acted where others were too scared and sceptical to take action. Do you have a dream, vision or goal? Enough of all the talk about your intentions step out today and act on them and you will see that circumstances, events and people will come your way to help you succeed. Continue reading Stop Sitting on The Edge

Let’s Take This Walk

Photo Credit: fin6.com/
Photo Credit: fin6.com/

Today is my birthday. And as I look back at my life, the years I have spent so far, all I can say is that, if not for God’s grace and hand upon me, I would have long been gone. God’s been good to me, and I really lack the words to express my gratitude to Him.

Two years ago, God made me discover the reasons why I had to go through the challenges I went through in life; why I had to suffer heartbreaks and disappointments; why I had to fail in my ventures; why I had to experience so many delays in my life. Then he gave me a message to inspire people to live their greatest life…which is what I try to do with my blog.

I am grateful to you my followers….to all of you who have been a part of this blog since 2013 when I set out on my journey. God bless you all. Today I have a dream, a dream to take my message of hope and inspiration to my community and country via the radio by starting an inspirational talk show. Continue reading Let’s Take This Walk

Time to Turn Your Hopes into Faith

Photo Credit: flickr.com
Photo Credit: flickr.com

Every time I hear people say, oh “if I could just play football like Lionel Messi”, or “if I could just sing like Beyonce”, or “if I could be as rich as Dangote”, “if I was gifted with the skills of Mark Zuckerberg”… if I have these skill or that ability, what wouldn’t I do? But the question that often come to my mind each time I hear those words is, what have you done with the gifts and talents you have? Or didn’t God give you any talents?…Honestly? The world is full of so many people who are living in “wish land” or “hope land”. Everywhere you turn, you find people who wish they would be this or that, people who go about hoping for one sudden big break without putting in any effort. Folks nothing is ever achieved by mere hoping or wishing.

In fact we have hoped and wished enough, it’s time to act in faith. Everybody is always hoping for better things; the poor hope to get rich; the sick hope to get well; the sad hope to gain happiness; the troubled hope to find peace; everybody is hoping for something, but how many of us have the faith that is necessary to secure that something? When we pray to God; we hope that our prayers will be answered, and we are so absorbed in our hopes that we fail to recognize the answers to those prayers. Folks, “to have hope is to face the door, but hope stands still; it never moves towards the door. To live in hope is simply to face the great goal, but we may continue to face that goal for ages, and never move forward a step.” Continue reading Time to Turn Your Hopes into Faith

Climb Until Your Dreams Come True

Climb ‘Til Your Dream Comes True

Often your tasks will be many, And more than you think you can do . . . Often the road will be rugged And the hills insurmountable, too . . .

But always remember, the hills ahead Are never as steep as they seem, And with faith in your heart start upward And climb ‘til you reach your dream,

For nothing in life that is worthy Is ever too hard to achieve If you have the faith to try it And you have the faith to believe . . . Continue reading Climb Until Your Dreams Come True