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Who Should We Listen to?

Who should we listen to? Many of us are always looking for information and advice about our life challenges, but unfortunately we meet the wrong people for this information, and sometimes we end up worsening our situation after applying the techniques and principles we were offered.

I have seen many relationships destroyed, I have seen businesses go under, I have seen people lost jobs, I have seen people miss their purpose just by listening to the wrong people. I believe someone reading this can relate with this; if you’ve gone for counselling or attended a coaching course and still have your issues unresolved despite the amount of money you paid. – It doesn’t mean that the people aren’t qualified, but simply they are not for you.

So who then do we listen to? The best person to listen to, or talk to, or learn from concerning your situation or dreams and goals, is the person who has been where you are and who has what you desire. If you are struggling, going through challenges and poverty, but desire to be successful, you just can’t go and learn from someone who was born into wealth, someone who hasn’t known what it is like to always live on the edge, because they obviously haven’t experienced what you are going through and can’t teach you anything about rising from your position. Continue reading Who Should We Listen to?

Kill Worry And Live Long

“People ask me daily, when they look at my face, without a wrinkle, what I do to keep so young. I tell them that whenever I have felt a wrinkle coming I have laughed it away. My advice to the woman who wants to remain young is: ‘Be happy — don’t worry, but walk.” – Patti

“Some people bear three kinds of trouble — all they ever had, all they have now, and all they expect to have.” — Edward Everett Hale.

“Work kills no one, but worry has killed multitudes… Worry not only saps vitality and wastes energy, but it also seriously affects the quality of one’s work. It cuts down ability. A man cannot get the highest quality of efficiency into his work when his mind is troubled. The mental faculties must have perfect freedom before they will give out their best. A troubled brain cannot think clearly, vigorously, and logically.” – Orison S. Marden

Some of us think it is our duty to worry. We feel we are not living if we have nothing to worry about in a day. It’s is important to cease to worry if you must live your greatest life. Let us then cease to worry. Let us stop the habit— if we have it— of telling everybody about our troubles. The most effective way to drive out our troubles, is to forget them; bury them; and not keep them alive by airing them continually.

Your Attitude Affects Your Health

According to psychology Today, “maintaining a positive outlook during distressing times can optimize not only your emotional wellbeing, but also your cardiovascular health.” Don’t let negative attitude eat away your life. Always try to stay positive even in the worst of times. When you are faced with an “impossible”, become an “impossible” yourself;’The Impossibles’ are people who prove it’s possible to accomplish the impossible– whether it’s emotional, physical or intellectual. You can be one too and commit yourself to face the challenge, and enjoy the feeling of accomplishment.

“Life is an opportunity to do amazing things”. Constantly strive to make the best out of every situation. “When adversity stares you in the face, give it a big smile. You can view life’s challenges as opportunities to learn and grow. Remember, “Set backs are given to ordinary people, to make them extraordinary.” – Paul Jeffers.

You can be positive, and thereby be happier and healthier, or you can be negative, and allow the negative attitude eat your life away.



More often than not, the challenges we face in our relationships that sometimes lead to frustrations, break ups and divorces come from poor or ineffective communication. We argue, we never resolve issues, we feel that our partners do not hear us or our partners are always criticizing us and so on.
Strengthening the commitments in love relationships is never always easy, but just like a building never collapses without first showing signs through cracks on the walls; we can stay committed in our relationships if we communicate with each other better.

Below are 8 tips for strengthening our relationships:

 Listen: listening is a very important tool we need to have, and to show that we are listening to our partners try repeating their concerns during conversations. This should be done whether or not we tend to agree with what they are saying. Example
you say something like “If I heard you clearly”, or “What you are saying is that…”

 Use Pet Names: Love does not always have to expressed by doing big acts, sometimes little means so much to people. Always use pet names when addressing your partners. Show concern and empathy ask questions like “Did you sleep well Sweetie?” “How was work today honey?” pet names create a foundation for intimacy.

 Use “I” instead of “You” Statements: Most times when expressing our feelings to our partners we tend to always accuse and refer to our partners by using “You” instead of “I”. We make statements such as “you are so annoying”, “you are so selfish”, “you never listen to me”. Instead of these, we should try “I” statements such as “I feel sad”, “I feel demeaned” and so on when expressing our feelings.

 Be Direct: Rather than try to manipulate your partner into meeting your needs, be direct. If you need a kiss or a hug just say “I need a kiss”, or “I need a hug”. Manipulation leads to resistance from our partners.

 Stick with the Issue: During an argument some of us tend to dig up the archives and bring out past grievances. We do not stick to the issue at hand, we often say things like “here you go again..” “The other day it was..now it is”…. “you did this a year ago and I forgave you”. Always stick with the issue, do not make a mountain out of a mole hill or turn the argument into a major blow out of whether you still love and trust each other.

 Calm Down Before You Get Nasty: During disagreements, it is always best if we take time to cool off rather than respond immediately in that state of anger. Just take a break not that you are leaving the disagreement unresolved, but you come back later when the tension has reduced and nerves calmed. Because responding and reacting to your partner’s words immediately could escalate matters.

 Admit When You Are Wrong: often times we let our ego take the better of us. When we are wrong we do not admit it and apologise. We become “cookie thieves”. ( http://globalwebpost.com/farooqm/my_misc/poems/cookie_thief.htm) Let us learn to admit our faults and say sorry for acting in negative ways and also explain why we acted the way we did. Be kind: Dr Wayne Dyer said everyday and every time we always have a choice to be right or to be kind. But we should always choose the path that leads to peace. Choose kindness over your need to be right.