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Men Don’t Have The Last Word in This World’s Affairs

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Lots of people cry, give up, or even die because of the verdicts, or opinions of people whom they regard and trust. For instance, the doctors in their expertise may tell you that your case is terminal, a loved one may tell you, you are not good enough for them, or the teachers in school may say you are not intelligent etc.

Folks men do not have the last word in this world’s affairs! The human hand isn’t omnipotent. Your case isn’t over just because someone says it is. Men make statements; make plans and calculations, forgetting that there is a God that rules in the affairs of men.

Perhaps there are people who have told you that it is over for you, or who have told you that your hopes and dreams can never be realized, that you are merely building castles in air and so on. Well what they say about you or to you would be true is there was no God. But there is a God, – a God of power, of love, and He answers prayers.

I have heard so many people blame God when things go wrong with them, when their plans are broken, or when they lose a loved one. But this isn’t suppose to be so, because when a good God loving person suffers, it is because God permits it, because it is his will, and it is a blessing even though you don’t know it. Continue reading Men Don’t Have The Last Word in This World’s Affairs

Enough of Just Hoping

Photo credit: flickr.com
Photo credit: flickr.com

Life is a challenge, a struggle, a push, to be the best you can be, to make the most of your life. But in that struggle, push, or challenge is the value of life. Those who don’t push, don’t succeed. Those who sit by and whine and complain always remain that way.

A lot of us are hoping and wishing for a good life. We believe God is going to take care of our future for us, that everything is going to turn out just fine in the end. Sure I believe in miracles and I know that God has good plans for us. But those plans won’t come to pass without us playing our own roles.

You can’t sit around and expect things to work out without you doing anything. Stop hoping without taking action. Stop wishing without doing. Let me tell you the truth, your life isn’t going to change, if anything it is going to change for worse if you don’t get up and start acting on it. Continue reading Enough of Just Hoping

Rejoice, not Complain

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Photo credit: flickr.com

“We can complain that the rose has bushes, have thorns or we can complain that thorns have roses.” – Abraham Lincoln

Like the thorns are always parts of the rose flower, so are problems part of life. There isn’t a life without some form of problem or the other. But some of us have made it habitual to complain about our problems. We are always seeking friends, family and church to complain to. In my country today many people are always seeking for prophets and “prayer warriors” to eliminate problems, failing to understand that a problem free person is a dead person. Continue reading Rejoice, not Complain

A Day Will Make the Differrence

Photo Credit: flickr.com
Photo Credit: flickr.com

Many times we face difficulties, uncertainties and challenges that threaten to destroy our relationships, marriages and life. What surprises me most times when I go through days of having series of challenges is by just sleeping and waking up the next day, everything return back to normal as if I never had challenges the previous day.

A day makes a lot of difference in our lives. If you are having a difficult day, never give up and think your life is a difficult one, its just one day! If you endure till the breaking of a new one, you will see that most of your problems have passed along with the previous one miraculously.

The scripture says, weeping may endure for a night but joy always comes in the morning. Many of us will agree with this if we can cast our minds back to the many mornings our challenges at work, our quarrels at home, our fights with our friends etc have been miraculously resolved for us by a new day. Continue reading A Day Will Make the Differrence

Better Days Ahead!

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Photo credit: flickr.com

Some of you are always talking about your past; your past achievements; your past successes; your past relationship and marriages. Meaning that nothing really grand is happening to you now or in the future. When you look at your future you do so with the eyes of fear and worry, thinking that you have lived your best years and achieved your best successes in the past.

Folks if this is the case with you, cheer up and never worry because an old Italian proverb says, “Do not worry. When God shuts a door, He opens a window.” Your past isn’t your best. The relationship you just lost isn’t going to be your last nor isn’t going to be your fondest.

Stop looking back in regret of your mistakes and inaction…yes you made the mistakes but there still opportunities ahead for you in the future. In my own life I have done so many mistakes too that I thought my life would never move ahead. I have also experienced good times too, but I know that I have more years ahead of me filled with great opportunities for me to take – same also with you. Continue reading Better Days Ahead!

You Are An Inspiration!

79055794_bf26dd4bb0_o_FotorSome of us are considering giving up on life, or on our dreams, and relationships because we think we don’t have much value maybe as a result of the past hurts and sufferings – for instance you’ve been abused physically, sexually, emotionally or you’ve suffered series of hardships and ailments in the past and now when you look at yourself, all you see are the scars, the hurts that remind you everyday of what and where you’ve been through.

There are some people who have experienced similar tragedies, setbacks, abuse, sicknesses like yours but instead of hoping for the better and fighting, decided to give up. Some ended up committing suicide; others withdrew from the activities of the world into their shadows. But to you who is still standing, please don’t give up. Don’t give up just yet!

You see, while you may not be aware, there are people who just seeing you and all that you’ve been through are being encouraged to live also. You are an inspiration to them. Yes you, who think you are worthless is giving someone else hope. Someone out there is saying, “if that man or that lady; that boy or that girl, who in spite of all he/she has been through is still living, then I too can live just one more day.” Continue reading You Are An Inspiration!

You Can Succeed The Way You Are!

Recently I have caught myself in the act of always thinking about the things I lacked. I will focus on the things going bad and wrong within me instead of my dreams and goals thereby stalling in my achievements. I believe I am not alone in this. There are some of us who when thinking and considering their lives, all they can see is the many unpaid bills, the debts, the divorces, the failed relationships, their negative habits, and so on.

Many of us are not being helped by the overly righteous friends and relationships we keep who are unfailing in their self imposed responsibilities of pointing the many blemishes that are in our lives, and painting a saintly image of themselves.

Folks if you find yourself in this situation where you all you can see about you are negatives do not worry, as there isn’t anyone who is too good that there isn’t any bad in them, or too bad that there isn’t any good in them.

There is nothing wrong with your negativities and shortcomings. We human beings are told by others that our negativities are our defeat. When you start to label your feelings, emotions, and activities as being negative by others’ standards, you are judging yourself according to others’ standards. Continue reading You Can Succeed The Way You Are!

You Are in Your Perfect Spot

I thought I should share this with you today: God often seems to place His children in places of deep difficulty, leading them into a corner from which there is no escape. He creates situations that human judgment, even if consulted, would never allow. Yet the cloudiness of the circumstance itself is used by Him to guide us to the other side. Perhaps this is where you find yourself even now.

Your situation is filled with uncertainty and is very serious, but it is perfectly right. The reason behind it will more than justify Him who brought you here, for it is a platform from which God will display His almighty grace and power.

He not only will deliver you but in doing so will impart a lesson that you will never forget. And in days to come, you will return to the truth of it through singing. You will be unable to ever thank God enough for doing exactly what He has done.

Psalm 23

Photo credit: flickr.com
Photo credit: flickr.com

One psalm I love so much is the 23rd Psalm. Vs one says, “The Lord is my shepherd.” I find this statement to be very profound. You will, if you know just how caring, and loving human shepherds are to their sheep or cattle. They trek long hours in search of green pastures for their animals often with little to eat themselves. The animals always come first!

Imagine having God as your shepherd, always putting you first. If you’ve got the time, take a look at that Psalm again and let the words sink. The Lord is your shepherd. Today, tomorrow, Yesterday. He is your shepherd on Monday, on Tuesday, and in everyday of the week. He is your shepherd in January, in December, and every month of the year. He is when you are at work, or at home, and when you travel abroad. He is your shepherd in hard times or in good times. Continue reading Psalm 23