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Have You Never Seen God?

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As a little boy growing up, I used to wonder and imagined a lot about if I will ever see God. In all the stories I was told in Sunday school and the books I read described God in His glory and magnificence.

I felt chill cold each time I attended crusades with older people and see people fall under the anointing, and I thought about how powerful God was throwing people around at the mention of his name.

I thought then that God was only found in some churches, in assemblies where the preachers are holy and can perform miracles…I thought people like me could never see God as he reveals himself only to special and holy people, not to boys like me who tell lies, disobey parents, wear dirty clothes etc sometimes.

As an adult today, I still see people think the way I thought as a little boy. I hear people talk about how God is in some churches and not in others. And how miracles represent the presence of God and so on. Continue reading Have You Never Seen God?

Never Be Idle

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There are some tasks in every life that are boring or stressful. Some of the young people who drop out school say they find their courses to be dull and uneventful. There are mothers and wives who some days grow tired of the endless chores they have to do for the house. There are some people who have grown tired of the routine of their offices and jobs.

There are some times in our lives when most of us feel that the jobs/assignments that we get to do daily are not worthy of us, they are way below us. But we just do them because we have to survive. These feelings often comes when you have had a taste of better opportunities, earned more money had a glimpse of what success means but you lost it.

May be the reason why you are in the low position you are now is because you lost your job. It may be the death of a benefactor that cut off your income, or a reverse in your business earnings that swept away your fortune, or some sickness that came on you or your loved one has taken up all your savings and now you have to toil and labour and live under very humble conditions.

Or maybe it isn’t any of these but something else that has drastically affected your circumstances, that you find yourself always asking; “How can I go on with this kind of life, how do I endure these difficulties, these going from hand to mouth and always plodding by after having had it so easy for me and having enjoyed the good side of life?” Continue reading Never Be Idle

It’s in You!

Your present and your future welfare depend mainly on yourself. Unfortunately many of us are looking outside of us for help. We assume that the influence of others on our behalf will enable us do better or accomplish more. While it is true that we need the cooperation of others in other to become successful, you can’t and shouldn’t surrender your power to others. You can’t sit around and expect others to do things for you that you should be doing for yourself.

Realize that you have within you all the powers, energies, ability, resources, for building a highly successful life. Remember the story told of a man who gave out talents to his servants as he was embarking on a journey, with a charge that they each invest their talents and present an account to him when he returns. According to the story, he gave one servant five talents, another he gave two talents while the last got one talent. On returning from his trip after several weeks of being away, the master called his servants to render accounts of their talents.

The servant who got five talents told the master how he had invested his talents and was able to double his talents from five to ten. The servant who got two told the master that he too doubled his from two to four. When it was the turn of the servant that got one talent, he dug up his one talent where he had hidden it and presented it back to his master. He was angry that he was given just one single talent, and this really enraged the master who reprimanded the servant. Continue reading It’s in You!

You Don’t Have Any Friends Until You Are Faced With Difficulty Yet

Photo Credit: flickr.com
Photo Credit: flickr.com

Back in the day one Nigerian musician sang, “when the going is smooth and good, many, many people will be your friends…they will call you many names, they will say they love you, they will say they need you, they will say you are great and so on and so forth.” Agreeing with the old saying that success has many friends.

I bet there are many of you who at some point or the other experienced having many friends when the going was good for you. People don’t often appreciate adversity, most people never believe that everything that happens to us no matter how bad it may appear has some good embedded in it. And one of the good things about adversity or setbacks is that it reveals to us who our true friends are.

Many of us will realize when we are hit by some sudden misfortune that those people we called friends when we were doing so good were actually acquaintances who our successes, jobs or businesses attracted to us as you will indeed be very lucky if you still have a handful of real friends during those periods. If you want to know who your true friends are during challenging periods, ask them for help. Continue reading You Don’t Have Any Friends Until You Are Faced With Difficulty Yet

Don’t Seek Recognition. Give Value

Maybe this is the case with you; you are unhappy and dissatisfied with yourself and your achievements. You look at yourself and become sad because you aren’t a genius; you were born without any special talents; you are just ordinary; no rich family; no good education. Mediocrity seems to be the measure of your existence. None of your days are note- worthy, except for their sameness and lack of zest. In spite of what your life may look like right now, don’t give up. Don’t be frustrated.

I used to think so about my life too. Nothing about me seem great, I always wondered what impact my life was making. If I was touching any life at all with my messages; if people were ever listening to me. I look at the great names out there inspiring people, the blogs with thousands of followers and readers, the authors whose books have impacted several generations, and I shrink.

I kept going this way until someone mentioned this to me; “John the Baptist never performed a miracle, but Jesus said of him, “Among those born of women there is no one greater” Continue reading Don’t Seek Recognition. Give Value

Be Grateful!

There is a story in the bible about a group of ten lepers, who met Jesus as he was entering a particular town, and cried out to him; “Master, Jesus, have pity on our condition! Do something! Anything! Heal us! Don’t pass us by, see, we don’t have access to our families anymore because of our condition. Please Lord, heal us!” Jesus, hearing these grown men crying, was moved with compassion as always. He prayed for them and asked them to go show themselves to the High priest, the town’s spiritual leader. On their way there, the men discovered that they had been healed. Their leprosy was gone. We were told that one of them upon discovering that his condition has changed, that the healing has taken place, returned to thank the man who was responsible for it. Christ was moved by his actions, and asked where are the others? Where are the other nine? To the man giving thanks he said, since you’ve learned the lesson of gratitude, your healing is now complete!

What a great lesson that story in Luke 17:11-19 shares. Too often we go to God in prayers, asking, demanding to be blessed, to be healed, to be restored etc. We go to him complaining about our health, our jobs, our marriages and relationships etc, we show him the scars from our broken hearts, we tell him about others attitude towards us, about how our environments have limited us…we pray, sometimes in tears…for answers, but when these answers come, and our lives have changed, we hardly return to express our gratitude. We are too busy, too pressed by the new us. Sometimes we don’t say thank you lord, maybe because it wasn’t exactly what we were expecting, or because, we feel it is by our own hard work, ingenuity, strategies etc… we don’t see any role God played to get us where we are now…“after all I made it happen” we may think. Continue reading Be Grateful!

What Are You Willing To Give Up?

There is a story in the bible about a young wealthy man who came to Jesus to find out what he must do to gain eternal life. Jesus told him to keep the commandments, of which he replied that he had kept those since he was a young boy. Then Jesus told him that if he wants to enter the kingdom, he should give up his wealth; make donations to the needy, and come follow him. But giving up things that he has become so attached to; the power and influence he has come to possess due to his wealth, was too great for this rich man to lose. He left Jesus feeling very depressed.

We are often told that to be successful, wealthy, great, happy, healthy etc, we must do some certain things. You see, most of us obey these rules; we exercise, do the affirmations, meditate, study hard, attend the seminars, attend church services and so on, yet we get so little results. Folks, obtaining Prosperity, success, greatness, reaching your ideal shape and weight is not just about what you are willing to do to gain it; more importantly, it is about what you are willing to give up in exchange for it.

Every professional athlete or sportsperson knows that to be a truly great athlete, there are some things he or she would need to give up, if not the training would be to no avail. He must have the discipline to forfeit some pleasures for the prize ahead. And so it is with every one of us who desire greatness. We must ask ourselves; What am I willing to give up, to become a great husband, wife, father, mother, boss, student, entrepreneur, employee…? Am I willing to give up the times that I spend with my friends? Am I willing to forego the parties and fun times that my friends enjoy? Am I willing to forego delicious, fattening food in exchange for a disciplined diet program?” Am I willing to forego watching sports to have time for my family? Am I willing to give up my need to always be right so that peace can reign in my home? Am willing to forego other things to serve my God more? Am I willing to give up my procrastinating habits?…etc.

Until we learn this principle; what Jesus was trying to teach the rich man, our desire for success and greatness would only remain a wish.