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Always Get the Best of People

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Learn to take advantage of your neighbours, friends, relatives and associates, and get the best of them. Now, don’t be shocked. Let me explain. In every respectable person you know there are desirable traits of character. In every loving friend, there are qualities that you need.

Our associations influence us whether we believe it or not. And the late Jim Rohn said, and this has been widely proven by the way, “we are the average of the five people we spend the most time with.”

Take advantage of your associations with these good people, select the best there is in their natures, and embody their virtues in yourself. Never mind their faults. You have enough of your own. You will find what you are looking for. You will embody what you recognize and admire; therefore look for the elements of success and admire and cherish the virtues of your friends.

Last week I was with a group of people, and while I was sharing some ideas with them, someone moved next to me and said, “Vincent I know you are an inspirational speaker and you always encourage people to stay positive and all, but I am going to watch you. I live close to you. I am going to find all your weak points and detect your meanness.” Continue reading Always Get the Best of People


Everyone needs other people to help them in achieving their dreams. We all need each other. In the business and corporate world, we need each other’s market and ideas to succeed. In our personal lives we need each other’s inspiration and support to succeed in achieving or dreams.
We become successful when we understand how valuable other people are in our lives. Every successful person knows and understands the power of relationships. No man can succeed on his own, as John Donne wrote: “No man is an island, entire of itself..”
“Our attitude about the interconnection of each of us to all of us and all of us to each of us has a great influence on our future”- Jim Rohn. Nobody is a lone wolf, you cannot succeed alone in this world, but a lot of us are slamming the relationship doors that lead to opportunities and success on our faces by the way we relate to others.


1- Feeling and acting superior to people: some of us feel maybe because of our status or some privileges we enjoy, are better and superior to other people. Folks we get nowhere in life with this kind of attitude, because people sense your attitude of superiority. Even when you try to hide or pretend people still sense and know it. Always looking down on people would slam the relationship doors on your face.

2- Acting with blind prejudice: a lot of us prejudge people and cut them of us without giving them a chance. You just look at a person and write them off without ever getting to know them. Operating with blind prejudice closes doors with people. Remember the cliché “never judge a book by its cover”.
3- Guilt by association: some of us do not like people because they simply remind us of somebody else. You ask a person why don’t you like this Guy and he or she say things like; “I don’t like him because he just reminds me of my father in-law”, or because he reminds me of my Ex and so on.

4- Irritability points: Here we just look at somebody and we identify all the little things about them that irritate us and focus on them. For example you just hear things like; “I don’t like the way he wears his tie”, “I don’t like the way she paints her nails”, “I don’t like the way he cuts his hair” and so on. We choose to have irritability points little wonder some of us have such a small circle of friends.

5- Relational Laziness: Most of us would not do those little things that build friendships; we do not return calls, or text back, we won’t send emails o people who email and so on.

6- Mood Swings: A lot of us create fogs around us by our moods. You only look great with people when you are in a good mood, but you are scary when you have a bad mood. This closes doors


1- Be genuinely interested in other people: Dale Carnegie in his book “How to win friends and influence people” wrote, “you can make more friends in two months by becoming interested in other people than you can in two years by trying to get other people to be interested in you”. Let us train ourselves to become truly interested in other people’s life. No matter how fascinating we may be, it still does not mean there are no other fascinating people out there.

2- Names: According to Dale Carnegie, a person’s name is the most important word to the individual in any language. Focus on remembering that person’s name as soon as you meet them, and use the name during conversation with them so that you do not forget it.

3- Be approachable: Do not make it hard for people to contact you. Most of us when we get a new job, or business breakthroughs, we just cannot be approached any longer. Always be approachable and available to people.

4- Be very forgiving with people and they will love you. Understand that no one is perfect and in relationships people make mistakes, they hurt us. Learn to forgive others.

5- Be easy to work with: you open doors with people by being very easy to work with. Be easy with people. Christ with all his glory and power allowed children and ordinary folks around him. Do you allow people around you or you go about with such air of imperialism?

6- Be a good listener: Encourage other people to talk about themselves. It shouldn’t always be about us. Listen to people and when you speak, find a way to link your talk to other people’s interests.“One who has unreliable friends soon comes to a ruin, but there is a friend that who sticks closer than a brother.” Proverbs 18:24 “Wisdom is the power to learn something from everyone”. – Ancient proverb.


Have you ever sat down to ask yourself; what am I ever going to do to get ahead in life? Or have you said to yourself, I just do not seem to have a meaningful life. Maybe your life has hit rock bottom and you do not seem to know just what to do to have a worthwhile life. Folks, you are not alone in this, I had walked down that road before. Here is something that might be able to help you:
Jim Rohn shared these very essential tips in his book “The five major pieces of the puzzles of life”. I found them very informative and so I have decided to share them with you.

The 4 IF’s that make life worthwhile:

1- Life is worthwhile if you learn: The way we think and the actions we have taken up until this very moment has been responsible for the way our lives have turned out. The way we think and the conclusions we have reached about life is the sum total of what we have learned. So if we want to make our lives worthwhile then we have to change what we have learned. We can start learning from our experiences. In the past years of our lives we probably might have been doing it right or wrong. So let’s do a review of our past years and see how far we have come. Another way to learn is from the experiences of other people. “If somebody went through something for five years and they wrote a book that you can read in five days, wouldn’t that be an advantage?” Though this isn’t easy to do, but it is a price that is worth the treasures we seek in life.

2- Life is worthwhile if we try: We have to try something with what we know. The only way you can do something is if you have tried it, and keep repeating the process until you have mastered it. Make a commitment to try today. “When the final book on you is written let it show your wins, and let it show your loses, but do not let it show you didn’t play.” Let’s try and do, try and play the game of life. Always look for opportunities to do something with your life. The key to life is to give it a try.

3- Life is worthwhile if you stay: In life we have to learn to hang in there. We have to learn to face the challenges that life throws at us without giving up. Many people quit too soon- when they are just “three feet from gold”. To win you have to learn to stay. Every athlete in a long distance race knows that just because you are behind in the first quarter doesn’t mean you will lose. You keep running. Hang in there!

4- Life is worthwhile if you care: Caring is an important human value. “If you care at all you will get some results. If you care enough you will get incredible results”. Care for the day by using its time wisely. Care for people by helping them see their possibilities. Also care for yourself by being all that you can be, stretch as far as you can stretch, accomplish all that you can accomplish. Always have something good to say.

These tips may be simple and very ordinary as you might have seen them over and again. But success is doing seemingly little and ordinary things in an extraordinary way. Be committed and follow these steps and watch as your life takes a new turn!

Stay Blessed