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25 Thoughts That Will Get You Happy Now!

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  1. Acquire the habit of expecting success, of believing in happiness. Nothing succeeds like success; nothing makes happiness like happiness.
  2. So long as you retain your happiness you will retain all your power; and all the power that is in you is sufficient to overcome every obstacle, conquer every adversity and turn every circumstance to good account.
  3. The cheerful person makes a cheerful world.
  4. Happiness is a very beautiful thing,—the most beautiful and heavenly thing in the world,—but it is a result, a spiritual condition, and is not predetermined by your bank account or by the flattering incense of praise.
  5. To live, we must conquer incessantly; we must have the courage to be happy.
  6. To make much of little, to find reasons of interest in common things, to develop a sensibility to mild enjoyments, to inspire the imagination, to throw a charm upon homely and familiar things, will constitute a man master of his own happiness.
  7. The best way to secure future happiness is to be as happy as is rightfully possible today.
  8. Diamonds of shining joy lie glittering in every way we pass daily, but most of the passers-by only stub their toes against them.
  9. “Mental sunshine not only attracts the best from without, but it also causes the best to grow from within. We all prefer the sunshine, and we are naturally attracted wherever a sunbeam is in evidence.”
  10. If you feel cheerful and happy, it is very natural for you to laugh. And if you will laugh a little, you will begin to feel bright and cheerful.
  11. Probably the most lasting source of happiness is found in unselfish love. This keeps alive a constant interest in those who are the objects of affection, which, in turn, is naturally reflected into the relations of life.
  12. Few of us appreciate the number of our everyday blessings; we think they are little things, and yet little things are what life is made of.
  13. A serene face helps to make a serene soul; a smile on the lips induces a smile in the heart.
  14. If one would be happy, let him forget himself and go about making someone else happy.
  15. Look steadily on the bright side of life. Cultivate the grace of a good hope. Imitate the fine optimism of those of whom it is said that they can see stars where others saw only an unbroken expanse of cloud.
  16. Happiness is the result of God’s will for us, and not of our will for ourselves; and so we can only find it by giving our lives up, in submission and obedience, to the control of God.
  17. To believe and go forward is the key to success and to happiness.
  18. They who minister to their neighbours exercise one of the normal human functions, and enter thereby into the joy of a larger life.
  19. Write it in your heart that every day is the best day in the year.
  20. The first step toward happiness is to determine to be happy.
  21. If a man is unhappy, this must be his own fault; for God made all men to be happy.
  22. Happiness is discovered in many unsuspected places.
  23. Joy is not in things, it is in us, and I hold to the belief that the causes of our present unrest, of this contagious discontent spreading everywhere, are in us at least as much as in exterior conditions.
  24. Happy is that person who feels that God cares for him, that he journeys forward under divine convoy, that his Father is regent of universal wisdom, and represents the whole commonwealth of love, who is all Nature, and who commands all Nature to serve His child.
  25. It is no use to grumble and complain; It’s just as cheap and easy to rejoice

4 Ways to Find Lasting Happiness

Photo Credit: violetblues.com
Photo Credit: violetblues.com

Happiness is something every one of us desire, and we all go about the search for happiness in different areas, and in different ways, often arriving our destination to discover that happiness has eluded us.

There are some people who think they are going to find happiness when they acquire huge amounts of money and through what money can give them in the way of power, influence, comforts, luxury.

For others, they think their happiness would be found when they get married, yet for some they hope to find happiness in books, in travel, in leisure, in freedom from the many troubles and worries of jobs or education; but the moment they achieve these goals where they thought they would have happiness, many other things come up in their minds and cut off much of the expected bliss.

Folks, happiness has become this elusive because, most of us fail to see that happiness like all nature’s gifts is simple. We go about searching for it in big and complicated things.

Real happiness is a state of mind, and has very little or nothing to do with the material things; our possessions, wealth, or status. That is why you can find truly happy people even in the most dangerous and poor places of the world, and still find unhappy people among the wealthiest of us.

The fact that there is so much discontent, restlessness, misery, and unhappiness in the world today, in spite of all the wealth and possibilities around us shows that the happiness and joys brought by the “things” we possess is just temporal. Happiness cannot come from anything outside of you but must be developed from within. Continue reading 4 Ways to Find Lasting Happiness