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4 Ways to Find Lasting Happiness

Photo Credit: violetblues.com
Photo Credit: violetblues.com

Happiness is something every one of us desire, and we all go about the search for happiness in different areas, and in different ways, often arriving our destination to discover that happiness has eluded us.

There are some people who think they are going to find happiness when they acquire huge amounts of money and through what money can give them in the way of power, influence, comforts, luxury.

For others, they think their happiness would be found when they get married, yet for some they hope to find happiness in books, in travel, in leisure, in freedom from the many troubles and worries of jobs or education; but the moment they achieve these goals where they thought they would have happiness, many other things come up in their minds and cut off much of the expected bliss.

Folks, happiness has become this elusive because, most of us fail to see that happiness like all nature’s gifts is simple. We go about searching for it in big and complicated things.

Real happiness is a state of mind, and has very little or nothing to do with the material things; our possessions, wealth, or status. That is why you can find truly happy people even in the most dangerous and poor places of the world, and still find unhappy people among the wealthiest of us.

The fact that there is so much discontent, restlessness, misery, and unhappiness in the world today, in spite of all the wealth and possibilities around us shows that the happiness and joys brought by the “things” we possess is just temporal. Happiness cannot come from anything outside of you but must be developed from within. Continue reading 4 Ways to Find Lasting Happiness

Hard Work Makes The Difference


“One day a woman was working in the garden outside of her house when a travelling minister stopped by. “What a lovely garden,” he exclaimed, getting out of his horse – drawn buggy. Full of roses, orchids, and other beautiful flowers, the garden was bothered by sculpted hedges and stood out from the other gardens in the neighbourhood.

“My good woman. God has certainly blessed you with an extraordinary garden.”

The woman stood up and wiped her brow.

“Yes and I am grateful. But you should have seen this place when He had it all to Himself!”

As he rode away, the minister realized that every gardener along this road had been blessed with the same soil, the same opportunity, and that each garden was a reflection of the people who created it. What someone does with their garden is their business. While each gardener had similar materials to work with, this woman had done something truly extraordinary, for her garden had so far surpassed her neighbours’. Continue reading Hard Work Makes The Difference

Give Yourself Little Room To Fail

Some of us are too hard on ourselves. When it comes to our lives, goals, activities, we just want perfection. If you are one of those perfect human beings who always keep every resolution you make, and are in complete control of your activities and goals, more power to you. Personally, I still struggle with my resolutions and goals, and I believe it’s only natural to make mistakes, to fail in life. So if you find you are having problems keeping those rules you made with yourself, you are not alone.

Folks, don’t get too rigid on yourselves, allow little room to fail and make mistakes, because when you strive for perfection, to always be 100% efficient, it often leads to a life of misery when you fail. The resulting shame and guilt makes you judge yourself as unworthy; as good for nothing.

Truly great people always accept their flaws and inadequacies. They smile when they fail instead of feeling shame and guilt. They know that each failure often leads them straight to success. Failure is part of life, and he who must succeed must learn to fail.

While we may look at ourselves as being strong, intelligent, and highly advanced, we are still flesh… and like the Bible says, the flesh is weak. God knows you will fail, even in pleasing Him that’s why he allowed grace and mercy for you. As you journey towards greatness and success, don’t lose heart when you fail or make mistakes. Also try to empathize rather than condemn and criticize others when they fail also.

Live your greatest life! Give yourself little room to fail.

Live Simply

No matter how wealthy you are, how much you possess now, when you die you are going to leave all that behind. In my part of the world we bury people inside dug graves. And in all the funerals I have attended I have yet to see a grave that can contain a jet, a yacht, a house, a car, etc. the graves are so big they can only contain your casket or whatever your body is encased in. No one gets to take his possessions with him when he dies, yet a lot of us have wrapped our lives around them.

Most of our troubles stem from our attachment to the things we perceive as important, when they are actually not important. – Dalai Lama. You see, material things are good as they make up our lives but life is meant to be simple, that is why no matter how sophisticated and luxurious the city is, we still appreciate and savour the times we spend in the country side experiencing that simple beauty of nature.

Folks the only thing we are going to take with us is our memory of our lives here. Why don’t you spend time filling up your memory with wonderful experiences; spending more time with your family…they are the only people who will be around you when all else fails. So if you haven’t got one, make one; using your wealth to put smiles in the faces and lives of others around you. You can be great just by being simple as Leonardo da Vinci Said; Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.

Have the wisdom to savour the simple things. The wonderful memories that they bring will add more value to your life than any of the material toys we spend so much life energy pursuing. – Robin Sharma

Every Day Counts

How you live each day determines how you live your life. It is very easy to take our days for granted, waste them away without achieving anything worthwhile, because we look into our calendars and see we have three hundred and sixty-five whole days. This number may appear large, and it is easy to get caught up in the trap of thinking that this day does not matter much given all the days that lie ahead of you.

“But a great life is nothing more than a series of great, well lived days strung together like a beautiful necklace of pearls.” Every day counts. When a day is gone, you cannot get it again…gone with its opportunities and blessings.

Folks let us not live our lives like dry leaves being tossed about by the winds. Take charge of your life. Live more intentionally, deliberately, purposefully and passionately. Don’t allow life to act on you, and steal your days away.

Our lives is broken into days so that we could learn our life lessons effectively. As it is written in the Bible: “Teach us to number our days carefully so that we may develop wisdom in our hearts.”

Live your greatest life today!

Don’t Put Off Living

Many of us believe that we will be happy once we achieve some specific goals that we have set for ourselves. Maybe the goal is getting a promotion at work, getting a new job, getting married, driving a nicer car, and so on. But too often, we discover that even after attaining those goals, we still aren’t happy with our lives. Dale Carnegie once wrote; “one of the most tragic things I know about the human nature is that all of us tend to put off living. We are all dreaming of some magical rose garden over the horizon instead of engaging the roses that are blooming outside our windows today.”

Let us not put off living today, and be like “the child who says ‘Someday when I am a big boy.’ The big boy says ‘Some day when I grow up.’ And then grown up he says ‘Someday when I get married.’ After he is married, the thought changes to ‘Someday when I am able to retire.’ And then when retirement comes, he looks back over the landscape traversed; a cold wind seem to sweep over it, somehow he has missed it all, and it is gone. Life, we learn too late, is in the living in the tissue of everyday and hour.” – Dale Carnegie

Folks let us be appreciative of where we are, what we have right now. Don’t put off being happy today until tomorrow, or until you have certain goals or success, because while you will be happy when your goals, and dreams have been realized, you will discover that the happiness is only momentarily and then you are off again to seek further sources of happiness.

“By continuously engaging in the cycle of longing, you never actually allow yourself to be in the present. You end up living your life at some point just off in the future. You only have one moment – the one right here, right now. If you skip over ‘here’ in your rush to get ‘there’, you deny yourself the full range of feelings and sensations that can only be experienced in the present moment.” – Cherie Carter – Scott.

Our present moment is a mystery that we are part of….Here and now is where all the wonder of life lies hidden…when all is said and done, now is all there is, and all there ever has been. – Dr. Wayne Dyer

Be Passionate

Everyone dead or alive who accomplished great things was a man or woman full of passion. They had an uncommon zeal and enthusiasm for their mission. Jesus was passionate. All through the gospels in the New Testament, we see examples of Him being moved by deep emotion to act, to heal, to raise up, to speak the word…even until the very end.

Albert Einstein, Thomas Edison, Henry Ford, Mahatma Gandhi, Nelson Mandela, Steve jobs, and so many others whose works, ideals, lifestyle, beliefs are still influencing our world today even after their deaths, were people of passion. Passion lives on. Every man or woman whose name we hear today in sports, entertainment, business, leadership, religion etc are people who are passionate about the things they do.

You cannot be successful without living your life with passion. People with passion are self driven, upbeat, and self-motivated. They don’t wait for someone to come along and persuade or encourage them. If you want to live your greatest life, be at the very top of your calling, then you must have an “inspiring passion”. The kind of passion that makes you intensely committed to your ideas, beliefs, business, relationships, goals etc.

Apostle Paul said; “For is I preach the gospel, I have nothing to boast of, for necessity is laid upon me; yes woe is me if I do not preach”. 1 Corinthians 9:16

When I look at my life and my personal mission I can relate it to the words of Paul and tell you; I am passionate about my mission, about helping millions of people all over the world live their greatest lives, one person at a time. I don’t care whether I am paid. I don’t care if I am being encouraged or not. This is my passion. I am compelled to inspire and help others. It is what I am here for.

What are you passionate about? What stirs up your emotions? Go for it folks. Live your greatest life!