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Podcast Episode 10: Having The Winning Attitude

Every day of our lives we are advertising ourselves, now the question for you is, are you a good advertisement of the winner you are trying to be, or you are making a bad job of it? Unfortunately most of us are making a bad job of it with poor negative attitudes.

When you meet someone for the first time, how do you know they are successful or struggling, since you don’t have access to their bank accounts and may not know their networth at the time of meeting them? Of course it is through their attitude; the way they walk, talk, behave.

Folks winning in life is a result of our attitudes and mindsets. All successful people have a certain mindset, while unsuccessful people also have a certain mindset. And just as it is easy for you to spot a winner in a crowd, so is it easy for people to figure out whether you are struggling or succeeding in life.

Do you desire success? Do you want to be a winner? Then you must develop the mindsets of winners. You must think like them, act like them and do what they do consistently if you must have the kind of results the have.

Most of us believe that success is more a result of our handwork and hardwork. But if that were really true, we won’t find that some of the most hardworking people on earth are the poorest, who labour day and night without gathering much.

In this inspiring episode, I share with you the mindsets successful people have, and how you too can develop them and be on your way to living the life of your dreams.

I encourage you to listen to it, again and again, feel free to download it and also share it with others. If it blesses you, kindly let me know your thoughts.

Live your greatest life!





Daily Wisdom

Do you find yourself waiting for all the ducks to line up for you? Or you always want to see things perfectly before you set out? You may be missing out on so many opportunities that God has brought your way. In relationships, business and general success in life, opportunities do not always come with their values or worth stamped on them.

Everyone is challenged, and yet those who will succeed are those who are able to find the opportunities inside those challenges. And this requires having a different mindset; to realize that each new day, like today presents to us a chance of a lifetime which we must recognize and seize.

To face every opportunity of life thoughtfully and ask its meaning bravely and earnestly, is the only way to meet the supreme opportunities when they come, whether open faced or disguised.

You Become What You Think About

Most of us are always thinking about the things we don’t want and that is why we have more of them in our lives. Remember you become what you think about most of the time. Stop thinking about the things you don’t want and start thinking about the things you desire.

Stop thinking about poverty, lack, hard times, bad luck, panic, disease, death and lack of love. Think and talk more about plenty, health, life, opportunity, confidence, happiness, love, progress, achievement, good luck and righteousness. “Our thoughts help to make the world what it is.” Right thinking is our greatest power for change.

Begin today to focus your thoughts on all the positive things you desire and they will start manifesting in your life. Live your greatest life!

You’ve Been Equipped For The Journey

Picture credit: flickr.com
Picture credit: flickr.com

Some of us have wonderful dreams, goals and ideas. And in our plans and calculations, we know that those goals, dreams or ideas have enormous potentials in them yet we fail to take action. Some of us think we are too young to act on those dreams; some of us are looking at the people or organizations who are already doing things similar to what we intend to do, and we become intimidated by their size, reach or presence.

For some, maybe it’s a relationship, and we are scared that we aren’t attractive enough, or good enough for the people we love. Whatever it is you desire but you are too afraid or in doubt to take action, what if you knew you couldn’t fail, will you still be afraid to act? I guess not!

The truth is, you have been adequately equipped by God for that project, dream or goal. His words tells us that look before you were formed in the womb, God already knew you and had planned for you. He had taken the time to put everything inside you that you will ever need to fulfil your destiny. The only problem is you haven’t taken the time to discover yourself. Continue reading You’ve Been Equipped For The Journey