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8 Things Every Woman Needs From Her Man By Mary J Blige

Photo credit: flickr.com
Photo credit: flickr.com

When it come to love and loving a lady, there isn’t a one rule fit everyone out there. But while there are many books and articles written over about this topic, there is still a surge in the craving to be loved. In my opinion guys, if you want to learn how to love a woman better, and if your spouse or partner isn’t willing to share with you how she wants you to treat her more lovingly, ask another lady what works.

Here are 8 ways to better love a lady shared by Mary J. Blige multiple award winning American singer, songwriter, model, record producer, and actress. and most importantly, a lady…it may solve that love puzzle of yours and bring back the love you thought you had lost in your relationship:

1. Women need more than material things: Guys this doesn’t mean, you should stop buy them, and spoiling them with the material things that you can afford. It means you shouldn’t think those things can take your place and the time you should spend with her.

2. Women need so much than what a man can say: Most of us guys are cool talkers and charmers with our words. We blow off our ladies with our words only to do the opposite of what we say. Mary J says, don’t talk about it, be about it, let your actions speak more.

3. A woman needs you to make love to her, she needs more than sex.

4. A woman likes to talk and work things out: You will be surprised how much you will accomplish by just spending time and listening to your spouse, laughing at jokes (even though they are terrible). I don’t mean being around her but being absent in your mind and eyes. Women like to talk, and love guys that listen. Continue reading 8 Things Every Woman Needs From Her Man By Mary J Blige

You Can Do All Things!

Photo Credit: flickr.com
Photo Credit: flickr.com

Today as I listened to the Lighthouse Family’s “Life’s a dream” song, I thought about the many people out there who aren’t living their dreams yet. And like the Light house Family, I ask this; “What are you gonna do with your life? When are you going to spend your time the way that you’ve always wanted?”

You see life is quite tricky. It’s easy for you to lose your dreams in the small comforts and pleasure you receive either in your present work, relationship, ministry, or venture. Don’t be caught in that trap! Remember the story of Esau and Jacob in the Bible, how Esau lost his inheritance just for a mere plate of porridge to satisfy his present need? It’s still happening now! Many people are exchanging their destinies for a pay check; many in a desperate need to be married, settle for just any man or woman instead of the opportunity to wait and have their destined partners. Many people due to impatience aren’t in the right ministry God has called them into. What a waste of life!

We all have dreams. At some point or the other in our lives, we have had dreams. Some dream of travelling around the world, others dream of establishing their own businesses and being financially free. Yet for some it is to coach, train or teach other people, and so on. Can you remember yours? Continue reading You Can Do All Things!

20 Success Principles We Can Learn From Hiphop

Photo Credit: flickr.com
Photo Credit: flickr.com

20 Success Principles We Can Learn From Hiphop
You may see the caption of this post and be thinking, “Hiphop?” I do know that many of us don’t listen to hiphop because of its “dirty” lyrics and the lifestyle of some of the artistes. Well it may be true that there are a lot of dirty words in the songs, but I do believe that if we listen to the songs without judgement, we may find some vital lessons for our lives and businesses, as some of these artistes are true cases of “grass to grace” or “Self made” people. And deep inside those lines, they embed their life stories, and success principles.
Here are 20 success principles offered by 2 Chains, Wiz khalifa, Eminem, and Kanye West:

2 Chainz & Wiz Khalifa – we own it (fast & furious)

1. What’s your motivation: is it money? Family? Love?
2. Do what you love: “it’s whatever we had to do, it’s just who I am”…“it’s the life I chose.”
3. Live in the moment: life is too short to postpone living, till a future date. The only time you have is now. Don’t waste your moments; “…This moment we own it.”
4. Be willing to take risk: nothing good comes easy. “I never feared death or dying, I only fear never trying.” “…One shot, everything rides tonight.”
5. Be willing to step on toes: in going for your goals, you may encounter obstacles. There may be people who will want to stand in your way, who may not want you to get to that point; the naysayers, the doubters. In their words; “Jumping out on anyone who try to say some one thing about it…”
6. Boost your confidence with positive self talk: it’s always good to say positive things about yourself and your mission. Even the scripture says that life and death is in the power of the tongue. So every day always speak powerful words into your life. In their words; “I am whatever I am”, “Got the spirit, I am feeling like a killer inside” “it’s the day in the life and I am ready to ride”
7. Have clear goals: a lot has been said about getting goals; goals are so vital, as they guide you to where you want to go. But remember they work if you follow them. In their words; “Ridding with the plug, so I am close to the outlet” “stuck to the plan,…never ran” “Follow the same code”
8. Keep your perspective: too many times people get distracted when they start making progress in life. They allow the new life to influence them. One way to keep your perspective, is to remember your past. Or as they put it; “we the fam and loyalty never change up” “Been down since day one, look at where we came from” Continue reading 20 Success Principles We Can Learn From Hiphop