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Daily Wisdom

“…yet you do not know what tomorrow will bring. What is your life? For you are a mist that appears for a little time and then vanishes.” James 4:14

Friend life is lived in the present. There is no moment like the present. Never put off living or doing something until tomorrow because it is often much difficult and stressful to do the work that has been put off! “Now is the only time that we have. It is our only negotiable currency. Yesterday is a cancelled check. Tomorrow is a promissory note. It is only today that we may spend in the noble effort of using all the gifts that God gave us.”

Daily Wisdom

“He who observes the wind will not sow, and he who regards the clouds will not reap” – Ecclesiastes 11:4

Don’t wait. Waiting is a trap never be caught in it.  Never wait for the conditions to be perfect because they never will. There has never been a perfect time, day, month or year to do anything. If you have a dream, a purpose, a goal, take steps, try it out you will be amazed at your results.

Square Peg In a Round Hole? Read This!

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Most of us are in wrong places in our lives; wrong jobs, wrong careers, wrong courses of study, wrong businesses, wrong churches, wrong neighbourhoods, wrong marriages/relationships. I mean you thought you have found it, only to discover you are a square peg in a round hole.

Maybe you are in that job, business, relationship, school etc because of circumstances or maybe it was your parent’s fault, who decided to train you in the way they ought to go instead of the way you should go. But whatever is the reason why you are in the wrong place in life, the result is always the same – struggles, unhappiness, and ultimately failure.

Every one of us is created with some unique gifts that match a particular field, to be in a certain kind of relationship and if you are out of your place, you may end up struggling all through life. So if you know within you that you don’t fit in where you are, have the courage to move out and head towards your right place. I know you may have invested time, money, and energy but truth is, it is better now. Continue reading Square Peg In a Round Hole? Read This!

Daily Wisdom

“There is a way that seems right to a man, but its end is the way to death.” – Proverbs 14:12

Often when we are faced with difficulties in our journey towards greatness, some of us are tempted to seek the easy route or the “shortcut.” We forget that pain and adversity are powerful vehicles to promote personal growth and mastery, and nothing helps us learn, grow and evolve more quickly like facing difficulties in life.

If you desire true greatness, you must avoid “shortcuts”. They may appear credible and present you with many opportunities, but often in the end, they prove to be dangerous and many get you off track, lost and frustrated. My friend “taking the easy and lazy way out is discounting God’s investment in you.” It doesn’t matter if the easy way is what every other person around you is taking, dare to be different!

What Problems are You Solving?

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In today’s world, those who are leaders in the workplace and marketplace are men and women who have found out how to solve complex problems without even inventing anything new. Why then do some of us think that one needs to invent or create revolutionary device, concept or product before we can be said to have done something original?

Folks you don’t need to invent or create afresh before you can stand out in your industry or market. The most in-demand skill today according to the future of job report of the world economic forum, is complex problem solving. So to stand out, you only just have to find a problem around you, your organization, neighbourhood, state, or country and solve.

Look around you what is wrong? Then go solve it! You may not have invented the airplane, but you possibly can improve something in it to serve us better, you may not have invented the PC or the Smartphone, but you possibly can add something in it to improve its usefulness to us. Okay you are not a tech guy/gal? Maybe you can write or tell an old story from a new point of view, or do an old task in a strangely interesting way. Whatever ideas you carry in you, just go do them! Continue reading What Problems are You Solving?

Are Comfort Zones Comfortable?

Photo Credit: flickr.comAre comfort zones really that comfortable? I doubt that! The major reason why we remain in our comfort zones isn’t because where we are is so comfortable, but it is because we are afraid. We are afraid of starting over, afraid of failing, afraid of succeeding, afraid of the time it will take and the energy/money/resources we will expend and therefore we settle for where we are.

But everything in life has a price, even our comfort zones can be very costly in the end. Just like the sad story of a woman who was alledgedly murdered by the husband. As I read that story and the many reactions that have been following it, all I could ask was why didn’t she leave?

Like most Nigerian women I know who are enduring abusive marriages, their response is always, “who will take care of my children when I leave?” But now that she is dead, who will take care of the children? Continue reading Are Comfort Zones Comfortable?

What are You Living For? What are You Working For?


Each time I tell someone I left my paid job to help others succeed in spite of their setbacks, and help young people find meaning in their lives, I get this look on their faces that says “you are crazy” and some of them actually voice it out and ask me what I was thinking, and how will what I am doing pay me. In fact a journalist who was interviewing me had to ask me if this mission of mine actually puts food on my table.

In a country like mine where there are very few jobs; and where working in the sector where I was is a dream of almost half  of our population, people think those of us who dare quit are stupid, and wasted the slots of others. When we talk of work the first thing that enters people’s mind is how much money will come to me at the end of the end? Nobody ever wants to work for free, or do some form of humanitarian service today. Even most of the non-profits around here are in just because of the money coming in from donors and foreign aids. “It’s really about the Benjamin” here.

Money is good, in fact I need lots of money for my voice to heard and my message to reach the young people who really need to hear my story. But I don’t live for nor work for money, instead I live for a great purpose, and every day I hold central idea of my purpose constantly in my mind, so that I am always reminded why I am alive; especially in the days when things seem to be going against me and the pressures and struggles appear so real. Continue reading What are You Living For? What are You Working For?

Daily Wisdom

“And Jesus said to him, “‘If you can’! All things are possible for one who believes.” – Mark 9:23

If you want to start experiencing great things in your life, then you must start believing in greatness, and open your mind to possibilities. “The first step to a life full of wonders is to see that your outside world begins with your inside world and every single thought must be one that will take you farther along the path of a perfect life. Your thoughts can create magic and everything you have ever wanted. Today’s thoughts build tomorrow’s dreams.”

It’s Easier With God

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“My salvation and glory depend on God, my strong rock. My refuge is in God.” – Psalm 62: 7

Look at the quote above, can you say that about yourself? Lots of books, teachings, and people will tell us we have to depend on ourselves; we must be self-sufficient to succeed. But God says we should put all our trust in him, and we shouldn’t lean on our own understanding, for he knows the paths that lie ahead of us.

You desire success? Trust me it’s easier with God than with man or yourself because with God comes favour and help from men which ordinarily you may not have in spite of the resources expend. Each of us have the spirit of God inside us, so depend upon that spirit for results, because when you depend on yourself or others, you place yourself in touch with only the lesser forces on earth, and so you labour more and accomplish less; but when you depend on the spirit of God, you place yourself in touch with the greater powers within and you will have greater results with less efforts. Continue reading It’s Easier With God