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You Can Succeed The Way You Are!

Recently I have caught myself in the act of always thinking about the things I lacked. I will focus on the things going bad and wrong within me instead of my dreams and goals thereby stalling in my achievements. I believe I am not alone in this. There are some of us who when thinking and considering their lives, all they can see is the many unpaid bills, the debts, the divorces, the failed relationships, their negative habits, and so on.

Many of us are not being helped by the overly righteous friends and relationships we keep who are unfailing in their self imposed responsibilities of pointing the many blemishes that are in our lives, and painting a saintly image of themselves.

Folks if you find yourself in this situation where you all you can see about you are negatives do not worry, as there isn’t anyone who is too good that there isn’t any bad in them, or too bad that there isn’t any good in them.

There is nothing wrong with your negativities and shortcomings. We human beings are told by others that our negativities are our defeat. When you start to label your feelings, emotions, and activities as being negative by others’ standards, you are judging yourself according to others’ standards. Continue reading You Can Succeed The Way You Are!

Life is too Short to Think Small

Earl Nightingale in his famous classic, “The strangest secret, stated that we become what we think about most of the time.” And the scriptures also support this by stating that as a man thinks in his heart, so he becomes. “The size of our bank accounts, the size of our happiness accounts, and the size of our general satisfaction in life is dependent on the size of our thinking.”

We are products of our thinking, yet 99% of the time, most of us are thinking little thoughts. Most of us are thinking of our problems, our inadequacies, our wants, our troubles and challenges, and the more we think of those things, the more of them we have in our lives. We have allowed our environments to tug us and pull us down to settling for small achievements and comforts; to be content in being a little man or woman in the society. Continue reading Life is too Short to Think Small