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This is Why You Seem Stuck

Why is it so easy for most people to believe in the abilities of others but themselves? I have seen people who don’t seem to have any doubts in their minds about other people being able to accomplish and deliver excellently what they choose to do or are assigned, but they themselves are always shaky and shy away from stepping up to new responsibilities. They lack self-faith.

Most people pray to God for promotion, breakthrough, and increase in income, yet they shrink from anything that will give them more discipline, better training and more experience. They let the opportunities they seek go by, saying the new task or position is beyond them, it is hard, or distasteful.

In almost every office, in every sphere of life you find these kind of people with so much talents and potentials, yet they decline every position of responsibility they are offered because they are shy. Some in this group will tell you they have to be informed ahead so that they can be “well prepared” and no matter how much advance notice you give them, they still don’t step up when duty calls. Continue reading This is Why You Seem Stuck

How To Be A Possibility Thinker

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In this life you are going to have difficulties and challenges. Even the bible acknowledges this. So when dealing with the various situations, challenges and circumstances in your life, consider applying the “Possibilities Thinkers Creed”.

The creed says; “When faced with a mountain – I will not quit. I will persist until I find a way over, around or through the mountain. Or I will simply stay where I am and turn the mountain into a gold mine.”

Think about what having such an attitude will do for your life. The mountain is what you perceive as your problem, challenge or adversity. The miracle is being able to turn what appears to be a negative situation into a positive one by simply changing your perspective.

There is no situation in life that you cannot turn around if you change the way you view the situation. Remember problems affect us based on the interpretation we give them. Give your challenges a new meaning. Whether you are having problems in your marriage, career, school, relationships or business instead of quitting and being badly affected by it, try looking at from a different direction. Continue reading How To Be A Possibility Thinker

What’s Your Four-Minute Mile Barrier?

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Before 1954, it was believed that no runner could ever break the four – minute mile barrier. But after Roger Bannister broke it, many more replicated his feat – within weeks. Why? Because he showed people what was possible. They got a new reference point. And then armed with that belief, people did the impossible.

Do you have a four – minute mile barrier in your own life? What lie have you bought about what is impossible for you? What false assumptions are you making about what you cannot have, be or do? The bible says, as a man thinks in his heart so he is. Your thinking creates your reality.

Jesus said, all things are possible for the person who believes. What do you believe about your life and your achievements? Your beliefs are self-fulfilling prophecies; if you believe you can’t make it, you won’t; if you believe that you will never become rich, you won’t. Because your beliefs drive your actions and you will always act in accordance to your beliefs.  Continue reading What’s Your Four-Minute Mile Barrier?

Whose Permission Do You Need To thrive?

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It amazes how many people are not doing things based on the opinions of others. Too many of us are not pursuing our dreams because others have told us we couldn’t.
Often I have come to realize that these folks telling you you shouldn’t do this or that, because you can’t, or you are not qualified, are doing this based on fear, envy, their failure, and small size thinking.
If I asked for the opinion of others including my family, I won’t be married today, nor will I be doing what I am doing. Folks it’s not every one who loves you that mean well for you, not because they hate you, but because they don’t have your vision.
Everyone interprets life based on the size of their vision. if your vision is small, all you can see is the impossibilities; the many reasons, why can’t study a particular course, why you can’t get married, why you can’t start your own business, why you can’t leave a political party, why you can’t relocate etc.
You see, no one knows what is the best for you except God and you. Too many times I have seen people make the choice of marriage based on the thinking of their parents only to enter into it live in regret. I have seen people take up jobs they didn’t in because of what the society thinks. I have seen people run to drugs and alcohol to make them forget the mistake of the choices they made, based on the influences of others.

Continue reading Whose Permission Do You Need To thrive?

Daily Wisdom: If it is to be, it is up to you


Your present and future welfare depends mainly on yourself. Do not look outside for help. Most people rely too much on what others can do for them instead of looking inward first to tap on the internal powers within them.

Do not assume that the influence of others would enable you to accomplish more or do better, if you are not willing to do your own part. Realize that you have within you, all the powers, ability, energy, and resources for building a highly successful life.

There is something in you, a unique ability that others don’t have, and it is your profound duty to discover, develop and use it. Remember the parable of the talents? Just like that ungrateful servant in that parable, you must realize that it isn’t how many talents you have, but what practical use are you making with your one talent.

Stop comparing your life with others and wishing you could have the talents and gifts they have. Instead begin today to make good use of what you have. Whatever is possible for others is also possible for you if you determine make the best of your gifts and opportunities.

Let this inspiring thought give strength and purpose to your life, and ultimately lead you to your rightful position in this world.

Don’t Look Too Far For Things Close By

“How terrible it will be for those who go down to Egypt for help, who rely on horses, who trust in the chariot, because there are so many, and in charioteers, because they are so strong— but do not look to the Holy One of Israel or seek the LORD!” – Isaiah 31:1

The world over, even in the most developed and wealthy nations, you still find people who believe that other cities, states, or countries hold better opportunities for them. This mentality is gradually taking over the spirit of self-reliance and courage. Right where you are there are very many successful people, and there are also those who believe that “out there” is; where the main thing is happening, where the big pay is, where their success lie.

The world is full of opportunities. Even the deserts and oceans have opportunities for those who will take them. But, some of us have become like the pilgrim described in John Bunyan’s “Pilgrim’s progress” who was locked in the dungeon of Giant Despair’s castle, and had the key of deliverance all the time with him but had forgotten about it and kept praying for God’s deliverance, until he remembered that he had the keys to the gates Continue reading Don’t Look Too Far For Things Close By