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Be Grateful!

There is a story in the bible about a group of ten lepers, who met Jesus as he was entering a particular town, and cried out to him; “Master, Jesus, have pity on our condition! Do something! Anything! Heal us! Don’t pass us by, see, we don’t have access to our families anymore because of our condition. Please Lord, heal us!” Jesus, hearing these grown men crying, was moved with compassion as always. He prayed for them and asked them to go show themselves to the High priest, the town’s spiritual leader. On their way there, the men discovered that they had been healed. Their leprosy was gone. We were told that one of them upon discovering that his condition has changed, that the healing has taken place, returned to thank the man who was responsible for it. Christ was moved by his actions, and asked where are the others? Where are the other nine? To the man giving thanks he said, since you’ve learned the lesson of gratitude, your healing is now complete!

What a great lesson that story in Luke 17:11-19 shares. Too often we go to God in prayers, asking, demanding to be blessed, to be healed, to be restored etc. We go to him complaining about our health, our jobs, our marriages and relationships etc, we show him the scars from our broken hearts, we tell him about others attitude towards us, about how our environments have limited us…we pray, sometimes in tears…for answers, but when these answers come, and our lives have changed, we hardly return to express our gratitude. We are too busy, too pressed by the new us. Sometimes we don’t say thank you lord, maybe because it wasn’t exactly what we were expecting, or because, we feel it is by our own hard work, ingenuity, strategies etc… we don’t see any role God played to get us where we are now…“after all I made it happen” we may think. Continue reading Be Grateful!