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Watch Your Confessions

Most times when I meet people, 8 out of the ten sentences they make are complains about life; about not having what they want. They complain about having bills, not having the car or house of their dreams. Not having enough money, they complain about the society, the negative influences, their children, the weather etc.

Folks the more we talk about these things they more they increase in our lives. Some of us are making the laws of God work against us instead of working for us. The scripture says, “Ask and you shall receive, knock and the door shall be opened to you, seek and you shall find.” What have you been seeking? Problems, sicknesses, poverty, lack of opportunities? Yes you seek for these things when you talk more about them. Remember what you focus on will expand. Continue reading Watch Your Confessions

Tell God How You Feel

“One day some parents brought their little girl to the hospital. She was seriously ill but not critical – at least they didn’t think she was. They stayed with her for a while and then went home. The next morning they came back, bringing some fruit and toys. As they entered the hospital and were walking down the corridor to her room a nurse rushed out. she wasn’t expecting them at that moment. She was so upset and she blurted out, “Oh, I have some bad news. The most terrible thing has happened. Just ten minutes ago your daughter passed away.”

I tell you it was such a crushing blow that the parents didn’t know what to do. And the nurse didn’t know what to say. Finally, she gathered herself together enough to suggest, “Perhaps you’d like to go into our hospital chapel and say a few words….or just sit there”.

As they went in, she called the chaplain. He came right away and went in. he saw them sitting there in their deep grief and he was lost for words so he went to the altar and knelt. The only words he could find to pray were, “Our Father, who art in heaven…” He kept saying it over and over…
“Our Father who art in heaven…
Our Father who art in heaven….
Our Father who art in heaven…”
Then he got up, went back to where the parents were sitting, and said “I know quite a bit of how you feel. I know what these things do to people. I have been through a lot of it myself. But you know, I would like to encourage you to do something. Just tell God what you feel…even if you feel bad at God, just say, ‘God, I feel bad at you.’”

They looked at him in consternation but he said, “Don’t worry about saying what you feel God is big enough to take it. HE’S BIG ENOUGH TO TAKE IT.”Folks it is alright to tell God how you feel.
If you feel sick tell Him
If you feel rough tell Him
If you are broke tell Him
If you feel don’t feel right about Him, like He has let you down, say it
Get the stuff out of your system, He wants to hear it because He’s your Father..your Daddy.
He understands how you feel. He wants to hear you because He cares about you and what bothers you.
God loves you. YES YOU!!