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Choose Your Friends

Photo Credit: flickr.com
Photo Credit: flickr.com

Whoever walks with the wise becomes wise, but the companion of fools will suffer harm – Proverbs 13:10

As I ponder on the above scriptures, I cannot help but wonder if many of us realize that much of success or failure in life depends on the choice of our friends and associates. There are many of us who don’t give much thought on the choice of our friends, whereas friends play a very important role in determining how far up or low we go in life. When keeping friends remember this as a rule: friends have the tendency of drawing you to their level. You cannot desire a happy marriage and be having as friends, people who are not faithful in their marriages. You cannot desire a closer walk with God, yet all your friends don’t serve Him. If you mix with people who are idle you will tend to become idle. Take a look at your life this very moment and ask yourself honestly about your friends: “What have I gained since I started mixing with these people?” Folks, if you cannot gain anything positive from your association with somebody, it is a complete waste of time to know him/her. Life is too short to waste time with people who are taking you know where.

If you want to be successful, mix with people who have achieved higher success than you dream of. Continue reading Choose Your Friends

There is an End!

For surely there is an end; and thine expectation shall not be cut off.” – Proverbs 23:18 (KJV)

Oh how I particularly like this scripture, especially the King James Version. The same way every product released and sold in the market has an expiry date, or a shelf life; a day or time when it’s no longer considered effective, or functional, God is saying to somebody today; There is going to be an end to that shame, that reproach, that challenge you’re facing . It doesn’t matter how long you’ve had that trouble, whatever has a beginning has an end. Maybe you’ve been sick for a while, you’ve done all things medically right, but that sickness won’t go, and it’s threatening your peace, your family, your finances, but God says, I am going to put an end to it. Or maybe you have a family member who has become a concern to you, you’ve done everything in your power to straighten him up, but your efforts don’t seem to be going anywhere, God says there is an end, he or she is going to turn out fine.

It doesn’t matter how many years you’ve been stuck, it doesn’t matter how many people have written you off, God says I am going to put an end to that, and change your story. Have you been expecting a break, a job, a new life, or maybe you are behind on your payments, and you are expecting something to happen? No matter what it is you are hoping, expecting, God says your expectations shall not be cut off. You shall not hope in vain. Don’t settle yet, don’t give up just yet. Believe! All things are possible to him that believes. Continue reading There is an End!

What are You Believing?

Photo Credit: flickr.com
Photo Credit: flickr.com

You become what you believe. –Oprah Winfrey

This statement is true yet so many of us pay little attention to our thoughts and what we believe in our minds. Little wonder so many unpleasant things are happening in and around us.

Folks, it’s time we took control of our lives. “You become what you believe.” Like it or not, it is true. If you believe you would never amount to anything great, you won’t. if you believe your skin colour has placed a ceiling on your career achievement, you will never reach the top of your career, if you believe you can’t be rich, you will remain poor, if you believe you are never qualified for the great things of life, guess what you will always be left out of the big opportunities.

On the other hand if you believe, you can do all things through the Spirit that works in you, you will definitely break records and do impossible things. If you believe that, in spite your poor family background, you are going to be successful in life, guess what you will be successful. Continue reading What are You Believing?

Hard Work Makes The Difference


“One day a woman was working in the garden outside of her house when a travelling minister stopped by. “What a lovely garden,” he exclaimed, getting out of his horse – drawn buggy. Full of roses, orchids, and other beautiful flowers, the garden was bothered by sculpted hedges and stood out from the other gardens in the neighbourhood.

“My good woman. God has certainly blessed you with an extraordinary garden.”

The woman stood up and wiped her brow.

“Yes and I am grateful. But you should have seen this place when He had it all to Himself!”

As he rode away, the minister realized that every gardener along this road had been blessed with the same soil, the same opportunity, and that each garden was a reflection of the people who created it. What someone does with their garden is their business. While each gardener had similar materials to work with, this woman had done something truly extraordinary, for her garden had so far surpassed her neighbours’. Continue reading Hard Work Makes The Difference