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Too Afraid to Quit?

Photo Credit: flickr.com
Photo Credit: flickr.com

It takes a lot of courage to begin something; a project; a relationship; a new business; a course of study and so on. It also takes a lot of courage to persist in a task, a dream, an assignment that’s why there are far more starters and few finishers.

But I have also observed that it takes a greater amount of courage to let go of something, or a person that you are convinced has failed, after you’ve put in so much time, energy, resources, and sacrificed everything you’ve got to get to the point you are. But in life we need to learn to develop the courage to let go sometimes, as it is dangerous to hold on to something that has failed.

Some of us are in relationships that are not bringing us happiness any longer. We complain about our partners’ attitude toward us, we are sick of the relationship, yet we are too scared to let go – because we fear we may not find another person soon, or we buy into the false idea that all guys and ladies are the same, “the Devil  you know is better than the Angel you don’t know.

That kind of thinking is failure thinking. Folks nothing stimulates, inspires and increases performance in a person’s life like being in the right relationship. Have the courage to let go of any relationship that makes you feel weak and valueless. Continue reading Too Afraid to Quit?

Take More Risks

“You don’t become successful by going after only what you are certain you can catch. Instead, you must reach beyond what you can see, for it is in that unknown territory where vision beyond wildest imagination meets fruition.” – Success Magazine

You can’t live fully without taking risks in life. And the one regret most people have at the end of their lives is the fact that they didn’t take many risks; all the opportunities they did not seize and all the fears they did not face. To live your greatest life, you have to take risks and face your fears. Of course you will encounter challenges and obstacles which may cause you to trip and fall along the way, but that is part of the growth process. Every child who learns to walk by himself must fall, but we encourage them to get back up and try again.

“The real secret to a life of abundance is to stop spending your days searching for security and start spending your time pursuing opportunity. Sure, you will meet with your share of failures if you start living more deliberately and passionately. But failure is nothing more than learning how to win.” – Robin Sharma
Most of the world’s greatest treasures are found in the deep. And to get them you have to dig deep dig. Greatness awaits every one of us but we have to have true courage, to venture into the unknown, leave our safety and comfort zones behind us in other to live a great life.

Life is like sports. You can choose to be a spectator; get a seat with a perfect view to watch the game, or you can decide to be a player; get beaten, make mistakes, sweat it out with others with your face marred with dust or mud…but in the end the rewards, the prize, the fame, the cheers are reserved for the player…No one remembers the best fan…only best players enter halls of fame, and get all the attention. So choose to play.

Live your greatest life!