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How To Have An Unhappy Life

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Unhappiness comes when we put our hopes and trust in our fellow humans instead of putting them on God and ourselves. When we are able to eradicate this need of others and begin to believe that our lives direction is determined by God and our own efforts, we will see how happy we become despite the circumstances we find ourselves.

I can tell you this because I have been a victim of this. There were times, a few years ago when I blamed my family for my situation. I felt unloved and held bitterness in my heart, and the result was my lack of progress.

You see the fact is, you can never move forward when you are dwelling in the past when you are heavily laden with burdens because the mind needs to be totally free for it to think clearly.

A couple of weeks back I met a lady who still blamed her situation on a failed relationship of 5 years back. She went on lamenting and blaming the guy for being responsible for her still being single because he left her for another. The guy is obviously not aware of this and had moved on from then to start his own family, yet she was still stuck in that chapter of her life. Continue reading How To Have An Unhappy Life

The Danger in Helping Too Much

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Blessings can sometimes turn to a curse in one’s life. Even kindness may be overdone. One may be too gentle. Love may hold others back from their purpose and wreck their destinies. There are times when in the process loving others we meddle with God’s discipline for them.

Of course, we are to be helpful to others. No aim should be put higher in our life-plans than that of personal helpfulness. The motto of the true Christian cannot be other than that of the Master: “Not to be ministered unto, but to minister.”

Even in the ambition to gather and retain wealth, the spirit of the desire must be, if we are Christians at all, that thereby we may become more helpful to others; that through, or by means of, our wealth, we may be enabled to do larger and greater good. Whatever gift, power, or possession we have that we do not seek to use in this way is not yet truly devoted to God.

There are many ways to help others, yet too often most people think if you are not giving material things out, you are not helping, yet the truest and best help anyone can give to others is not in material things, but in ways that make them stronger and better. Money is good alms when money is really needed, but in comparison with the divine gifts of hope, friendship, courage, sympathy, and love, it is paltry and poor. Continue reading The Danger in Helping Too Much

Have You Never Seen God?

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As a little boy growing up, I used to wonder and imagined a lot about if I will ever see God. In all the stories I was told in Sunday school and the books I read described God in His glory and magnificence.

I felt chill cold each time I attended crusades with older people and see people fall under the anointing, and I thought about how powerful God was throwing people around at the mention of his name.

I thought then that God was only found in some churches, in assemblies where the preachers are holy and can perform miracles…I thought people like me could never see God as he reveals himself only to special and holy people, not to boys like me who tell lies, disobey parents, wear dirty clothes etc sometimes.

As an adult today, I still see people think the way I thought as a little boy. I hear people talk about how God is in some churches and not in others. And how miracles represent the presence of God and so on. Continue reading Have You Never Seen God?

Podcast Episode 19: What is Your Moral Compass?

There are times in life when we have to stand up for what we know in our moral compass is right.

In our world today, with everything that is happening, you could see that our morality is being thrown away. People will rather be liked than stand up for what is right.

What about you, are you conforming with the crowd, or you have a moral compass and you stick with it. The bible clearly warns us not conform to the patterns of the world.

This serves as a reminder for those of us who may have forgotten about our morality in dealing with life’s issues, and also as a beacon of courage to anyone who is struggling with the attitude of people towards him/her for choosing to be different in a world where people are dying to conform with the crowd.

Listen to it, download it, and share it with others. If it blesses you in any way, share your thoughts in the comments below.

Live your greatest life!

Called to Be Faithful

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Are you waiting on God to do your work for you? Look God is waiting for you to start. Even God cannot do our work without us, without our skills, our faithfulness. Every one of us has been called to do our work faithfully no matter what it is.

Unfortunately today, most people are neglecting their callings/work/skills/talents/business because they think it is too small for them. Look no matter what you are doing, God has called you to that work; whether you are a carpenter, mechanic, hair stylist, driver, care giver, writer, blogger, speaker etc. you are required to be the best you can be at what you do. God expects you to do the very best work you can possibly do in your line of work.

So whenever you do careless, dishonest, imperfect, slighted work, you are robbing God. The bible says, whatever work you do, you should do it as you are doing it unto God and not unto man. How faithful are you to the work you are doing now? Faithfulness requires that you do the best you can always in everything we do. Continue reading Called to Be Faithful

A Prayer to Make The Best of The Day


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God we thank you for a new day, for another opportunity to redeem ourselves. O Lord, you who is infinite wisdom and the source of all strength, grant that whatever today brings whether good fortune, disappointment, pain or pleasure, we may meet it with a brave heart and a cheerful face and use it to your glory and the good of others.

Help us to be interested in the welfare of others, that we shall not just be thinking only of ourselves; so intent on winning your approval that we shall not be unduly concerned with the opinion of men.

When the strength and time you have allotted for this day’s struggles have been exhausted, grant O Lord, we ask that we may be a little closer to the goals that you have set for us in the race to be like Christ. Amen

True Greatness


Photo Credit: flickr.com
Photo Credit: flickr.com

“Woe to him who builds his house by unrighteousness

And his chambers by injustice.

Who uses his neighbour’s service without wages, and gives him nothing for his work,

Who says, ‘I will build myself a wide house with spacious chambers

And cut out windows for it, panelling it with cedar and painting it with vermilion

“Shall you  reign because you enclose yourself in cedar?

Did not your father eat and drink, and do justice and righteousness?

Then it was well with him.

He judged the cause of the poor and needy; then it was well.

Was not that knowing me?” Says the Lord. – Jeremiah 22:13-16

Who is a great man or woman? In answering this question, too often our minds go to the people on Forbe’s rich list, the heads of large corporations and organizations, political leaders, church leaders, Bestselling Authors, Celebrities, and so on. In our world, when we think of greatness, we think of power, affluence, the choice cars, the yachts, the jets, the jewellery , the assets in prime locations, and the other possessions people have. While most great people do have these things – which of course are good any way, having them does not qualify you for greatness. Continue reading True Greatness

5 Elements of True Success

Image Credit: flickr.com
Image Credit: flickr.com

What is success? What does success mean to you? If you ask a thousand people you might have a thousand different answers, because success is no straightjacket, and it isn’t a one size fits all kind of thing. It is as individual as our fingerprints or the look in our eyes.

Would you consider yourself a success only when you have achieved all your desires, and living the life of dreams? Or would you be successful if you felt total joy, peace, and contentment in spite of the things you lacked and the goals you haven’t yet achieved? Again our definition of success is individual, and mine may not be the same as yours.

Although our definition of success may vary, there are certain constant elements found in true success. These factors are seen in the lives of truly successful people irrespective of their location, or calling:

1)      Purpose: among the enemies of success, aimlessness is the worst. Everybody who desires success must have a goal that gives him the sense of purpose – that assurance that our energies, thinking, and actions are taking us somewhere. “Success to be true must have and abiding sense of purpose; otherwise, though one may vegetate successfully, one cannot live successfully.”

2)      Success must have a batting average: in life, not every hour or day is uniformly successful. Rather there are upturns and downturns in every success story. A truly successful person will have his or her days, even years of failure. When you experience such moments, they shouldn’t have to blight your life because it doesn’t mean you aren’t successful, but they just proof to us that success isn’t easy or cheap. Remember not all of our efforts will be crowned with glory. Continue reading 5 Elements of True Success

25 Definitions Of The Words We Speak

1. Words are God’s method of operation by which He accomplishes His will, purpose and desire.

2. Words set spiritual laws in motion;
a. The law of sin and death
b. The law of the Spirit of life in Christ Jesus

3. Words are the most important things in the universe. – Faith-filled words will put you over. Fear-filled words will defeat you.

4. Words are spiritual containers that carry power. -They carry love and faith and also carry hate and fear

5. Words are seeds sown with your mouth that produce after their own kind.

6. Words are the process starters of life.

7. Words are the building blocks with which you construct your life and future.

8. Words set the cornerstones of your life.

9. Words set boundaries, which confine or release you.

10. Words have creative ability;
a. They create the realities you see.
b. God’s Word—the incorruptible seed, has within it the ability and DNA to cause itself to come to pass.

11. Words program the human spirit for success or failure.

12. Words of God, conceived in the heart, spoken out the mouth, become a spiritual force that release faith—which is the creative ability of God.

13. Words establish strongholds, break habits, change things, redirect thought patterns.

14. Words point you in whatever direction they are aimed and released.

15. Words set the course of your life.

16. Words determine your future, your health, your wealth and your place in eternity—you are the prophet of your own life.

17. Words arrive at your future before you do.

18. Words create desires and transmit images that you will eventually live out.

19. Words frame your world.

20. Words spoken today become a living reality tomorrow.

21. Words give permission and license to spiritual forces to work for you or against you.

22. Words can turn around any situation.

23. Words make demands on the blessing or the curse—whichever you call for.

24. Words are goal setters that give direction and establish destination.

25. Words are our method of operation, by which God accomplishes His will, purpose and desire for our lives.