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5 Elements of True Success

Image Credit: flickr.com
Image Credit: flickr.com

What is success? What does success mean to you? If you ask a thousand people you might have a thousand different answers, because success is no straightjacket, and it isn’t a one size fits all kind of thing. It is as individual as our fingerprints or the look in our eyes.

Would you consider yourself a success only when you have achieved all your desires, and living the life of dreams? Or would you be successful if you felt total joy, peace, and contentment in spite of the things you lacked and the goals you haven’t yet achieved? Again our definition of success is individual, and mine may not be the same as yours.

Although our definition of success may vary, there are certain constant elements found in true success. These factors are seen in the lives of truly successful people irrespective of their location, or calling:

1)      Purpose: among the enemies of success, aimlessness is the worst. Everybody who desires success must have a goal that gives him the sense of purpose – that assurance that our energies, thinking, and actions are taking us somewhere. “Success to be true must have and abiding sense of purpose; otherwise, though one may vegetate successfully, one cannot live successfully.”

2)      Success must have a batting average: in life, not every hour or day is uniformly successful. Rather there are upturns and downturns in every success story. A truly successful person will have his or her days, even years of failure. When you experience such moments, they shouldn’t have to blight your life because it doesn’t mean you aren’t successful, but they just proof to us that success isn’t easy or cheap. Remember not all of our efforts will be crowned with glory. Continue reading 5 Elements of True Success

25 Definitions Of The Words We Speak

1. Words are God’s method of operation by which He accomplishes His will, purpose and desire.

2. Words set spiritual laws in motion;
a. The law of sin and death
b. The law of the Spirit of life in Christ Jesus

3. Words are the most important things in the universe. – Faith-filled words will put you over. Fear-filled words will defeat you.

4. Words are spiritual containers that carry power. -They carry love and faith and also carry hate and fear

5. Words are seeds sown with your mouth that produce after their own kind.

6. Words are the process starters of life.

7. Words are the building blocks with which you construct your life and future.

8. Words set the cornerstones of your life.

9. Words set boundaries, which confine or release you.

10. Words have creative ability;
a. They create the realities you see.
b. God’s Word—the incorruptible seed, has within it the ability and DNA to cause itself to come to pass.

11. Words program the human spirit for success or failure.

12. Words of God, conceived in the heart, spoken out the mouth, become a spiritual force that release faith—which is the creative ability of God.

13. Words establish strongholds, break habits, change things, redirect thought patterns.

14. Words point you in whatever direction they are aimed and released.

15. Words set the course of your life.

16. Words determine your future, your health, your wealth and your place in eternity—you are the prophet of your own life.

17. Words arrive at your future before you do.

18. Words create desires and transmit images that you will eventually live out.

19. Words frame your world.

20. Words spoken today become a living reality tomorrow.

21. Words give permission and license to spiritual forces to work for you or against you.

22. Words can turn around any situation.

23. Words make demands on the blessing or the curse—whichever you call for.

24. Words are goal setters that give direction and establish destination.

25. Words are our method of operation, by which God accomplishes His will, purpose and desire for our lives.