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Stand Up and Live

Photo credit: flickr.com
Photo credit: flickr.com

The reason why many of us are stuck in slow growth is we don’t have the courage to follow our dreams. A lot of folks, even though they claim to be independent and think their thoughts are actually walking robots. You are waiting for your Dad, or mum, or Uncle to decide what you should become in life.

I meet people who tell me they don’t want to offend their folks by going after their dreams. Some think they don’t know what’s good for them, so they live their lives; take up careers; enter relationships based on the recommendations and validation of other people.

Unfortunately I haven’t read, seen, or heard about anyone who made an impact, lived happily and at peace with himself by doing and being the person designed by others. Even Christ Himself proved this to others when He told His Mother (Mary) who was looking for Him, “I must go about the business of my Heavenly Father.”

Greatness is knowing your purpose, pursuing it stubbornly and aggressively. Some of you follow the trends of circumstances in the society instead of trending yourself.  Folks, “He who relies on circumstances to bring him what he desires, will only receive from circumstances the things he doesn’t desire.”

Stopping living your life waiting for some sudden wind of good luck to blow good opportunities for you…you will wait all your life and nothing tangible may show up. To get anything worthwhile from life, you must go after, keep chasing until you hunt them down. Remember the people who eat real food are those who sit on the table. If you hide under the table you will be getting the crumbs if any fall of from the plate of the eaters. Continue reading Stand Up and Live