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Low Aspirations Lead to a Low Life!

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It is easy to find too many people complaining about a lack of resources, lack of opportunities to make money and become rich in life. Folks like that are always looking for help outside of themselves. They think out there, is where the inspiration and solution lies, but as John Milton tells us, “There is nothing that makes men rich and strong but that which they carry inside of them. Wealth is of the heart, not of the hand.” We can go a step further and say that wealth of the heart rightly expressed will ensure physical wealth.

The secret of all great folks is found in their vision hours. They create time intentionally to dream and visualize their desires. God told Abraham in the Bible, to visualize and dream about his future, and how big or small his vision will determine what God will grant him. I notice that too many people don’t have any vision for their lives, they don’t dream, they are just reality focused.

I remember visiting a resort, owned by a very wealthy individual. I had heard so much about the place and the owner but never met him. So during that trip, I decided to spend time in the resort’s chapel. On entering there, I was surprised to see an old man in his 80s already in there meditating and writing down his thoughts in a journal so early in the morning. Continue reading Low Aspirations Lead to a Low Life!

Do You Wish Life Was Easier? Here’s Why You Shouldn’t

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Who doesn’t want an easy life? I think most people do. I do. There are some days when I honestly which life can be easy always, but I know that the easiest things are not always the best things. Or as a saying goes, “nothing good comes easy.”

Usually in life you have to pay a price for anything good that is worth its value. In our markets, things are valued based on their cost. If something is sold cheap when it isn’t an auction or on sale, it often means that the value isn’t much.

Our success in life is rated this way too. If success comes to you easily without any cost of effort or sacrifice, its value to us isn’t much and we lose it the same way we acquired it. But if we acquired it through self-denial, tears, much effort and pain, we will do everything we can to make sure we stay successful.

Folks life is full of grind. Grinding begins from childhood. From the moment you learn to speak, there is school for you with its set hours, its lessons, rules, tables, tasks, recitations. Then, when you grow up, instead of getting away from this bondage of routine, this grinding, it goes on just as in childhood.

Some of you have to rise at the same hour every morning, and hurrying away to work and doing the same things over and over, six days in the week, fifty-two weeks in the year, and on and on unto life’s end. For most people there is almost no break in the monotonous rounds of their days through the long years. Continue reading Do You Wish Life Was Easier? Here’s Why You Shouldn’t

Podcast Episode 8: Are You Asking Enough Questions For Success?

One thing I notice about most successful people I have come in contact with, is their courage in asking for what they want. From asking for favours, to asking for their dues, to making those important calls that will push their businesses or families forward.

And this is also a spiritual law given by Christ Himself in the bible when he said,”Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you.” While most people have mastered the art of asking God in prayers what they want, they often fail to do the same with their fellow man.

Folks, everyone of us came here naked and empty handed. And this means everything you need to succeed is already in the hands of others, and you must learn to ask if you will ever get it.

Your success is a question away! What do you want? Is it a job, a favour, a wife, a husband, finances, or something else? Whatever it is you want is possible if you just learn to ask.

In this inspiring episode, I discuss more on why you need to be asking questions more, and how you should ask. I encourage you to listen to it and share it with others as well.

Daily Wisdom

We are greatly influenced whether we like it or not by those closest to us. They affect our ways of thinking, our self esteem, and the decisions we make in life. Really take a look at your relationships, the people you are involved with, the people you communicate with most of the time and ask yourself, what am I becoming because of this relationship? Does it inspire me? Am I motivated? Am I encouraged and driven to develop myself? Am I seeking my own greatness? What kind of person am I becoming because of these relationships? Am I becoming more cynical and negative about life?

Make the choice today about who you want to continue spending your time with. If you want to be successful, mix with people who have achieved higher success than you dream of. Make friends with people who are more knowledgeable than you, people who can help you develop in areas where you are lacking. Associate only with those whose minds are worth measuring your own against.


If you want to constantly progress and improve in life, developing the right habits can take you a long way.

Here are 5 habits that, once developed, can help you improve yourself:

1- Read educational and inspirational books: A habit of reading can be one of the best ways to improve yourself. Choose books that are educational and inspirational. Visit blogs such as this one regularly. Read books about people who’ve achieved goals similar to yours.
Most of us read for enjoyment and relaxation. While this can be a pleasurable experience, it is not going to have the same effect. Develop a good educational reading habit and you will be well on your way to improvement.

2- Be interested in others: Another way to continually improve is to take an interest in others. Listen to people. Understand their viewpoints. This can help you learn as well as increase your knowledge of the world.
Taking interest in other people can also lead to networking opportunities that will improve your career, and help you develop better relationships which will improve your emotional life.

3- Try new things: Most of us are afraid of stepping out. branching out of your comfort zone on occasion is a good way to stretch yourself. It helps you know that you can accomplish the impossible. Little by little, trying new things an expand your horizons and move you forward. Progress is an important part of self-improvement.
Make a commitment today, to meet someone new, try other foods. Just step out into your future.

4- Make a plan: If you want to keep improving yourself, you need to have a plan. If you want to improve your finances, you need to have a financial plan. If you want to get into shape, you need an exercise plan. If you want a healthier diet, you need to improve your food plan.
From increasing your knowledge base to spending more time with your family and loved ones, a plan can be a big help. Creating an effective plan doesn’t require spending a lot of money. There are lots of free online resources for learning, including open course ware from major universities.
Create a schedule and a plan that allows you to make improvements to your life and stick with it.

5- Take time for yourself: Don’t forget to take time for yourself. Sometimes you just need to relax and unwind. That way you can recharge your batteries. Make time for your hobbies, and for time with your loved ones. It has been discovered that people often come up with their best work when they’re refreshed.


1- Successful people focus on continuous self improvement
2- They have an open mind and are very flexible
3- They dream big dreams
4- They have a clear sense of direction
5- They set goals and write them down
6- Successful people are unique; they don’t follow the crowd
7- They associate with the right people
8- They always ask for help
9- They are focused; and do one thing at a time
10- Successful people are very optimistic
11- They believe in themselves
12- They have strong personal values
13- They are dedicated to serving others
14- They are always the first to give
15- Successful people do what they love
16- They believe in paying the price in advance
17- They take risks
18- They accept full responsibility when things go wrong
19- They never despair at failure
20- Successful people fall but they never stay down
21- They make decisions fast
22- They live with a sense of urgency
A lot of us may agree with these qualities after reading them, but agreeing isn’t enough. What makes the difference is acquiring these qualities and turning them into habits.



“There is an evil I have seen under the sun, the sort of error that arises from a ruler; fools are put in many high positions, while the rich occupy the low ones. I have seen slaves on horse backs while princes go on foot like slaves.” Ecclesiastes. 10: 5-7

As I reflect on the Teacher’s words, I could really see this anomaly playing out in today’s world, thereby making life to seem unfair.
I see people who have gotten good quality education, with sincere desires to become successful, fail in achieving their dreams in spite of being well educated, having good motives and desires. They seem to possess all the right qualities it takes to become successful yet success always eludes them. Whereas there are others with little or no form of education, who are dishonest and unethical, but seem to have so much success. I see thieving politicians become rich on the people’s wealth, armed robbers, kidnappers, drug dealers and others you wouldn’t want to associate with, become so very rich, drive the best cars, live in exclusive neighbourhoods, and dine in porch restaurants. While those with honest intentions are wallowing and struggling to have a basic form of existence.
Pondering over these, I sought to know from my own life, the times I ever achieved so much what did I do differently? And what do these people even though unethical do that the many still struggling do not do?
These are the answers I discovered.


1- They work to achieve their goals, we don’t.

2- They take all they have and put it to work, We don’t.

3- They stay up late at night developing new plans to achieve their dreams and work hard day after day to make these dreams realty, we don’t.

4- They learn all that they possibly can about their industry and markets, we don’t.

5- They get around the right people, and associate with those who can help them achieve their goals, we don’t.

6- They don’t just dream about their future, they do something about it, we don’t.

“The only thing necessary for evil to prevail for good men to do nothing”. Edmund Burke